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Jupiter In 7th House

Jupiter In 7th House Even though the subject chosen here’s broad and vast in itself together with various intervening factors and chances from the partners. We’ll restrict and confine ourself with the positioning of specific planet in the 7th house of rashi in addition to Navamsha chart that’s mostly and always considered for the matrimonial schedule then other homes like eighth home, first home, 2nd, 3rd, 11th as kind kaam trikona or want triangle, but broader view could be had by surveying seventh home of rashi, bhava and navamsha chart. Assessing our attention and pointing our focus towards the topic, let’s see the influence of positioning of Saturn in House in their context of matrimony in people horoscope.

Malefic placement in seventh is never considered auspicious, retrogrde jupiter in seventh house is incapable begetting beautiful and rich spouse. retrogrde jupiter  being separative and dry world creates dryness and coldness from their marital relation, devoid mutual bonding and religion therefore capable of giving numerous unions and several a times union with widow, divorcee. retrogrde jupiter in seventh home will cause substantial difference in age, standing or at least in the psychological level of the marrying spouse. In addition Read: Impact of Mars in seventh House Spouse, Marriage, Partnership, etc. Native Wife may not be great looking rather than fair or clear complexion.

Native will be under spouses control nature and luck favors after union, seems of the native resembles similar to older people. jupiter in seventh House will cause frequent rescheduling of union dates or events after fixation due to any problem in  family.

Impact of Ketu in seventh House Spouse or Life Partner, Partnership- Saturn is well placed viz. Exaltation, Own Sign, Mooltrikonathen severity of evil effect will be less otherwise native will be deprived of Marital Bliss. He or she’s to rely on other benefactors at Horoscope, suitable Dasha, favorable transit etc.

In general, a well placed jupiter indicates a stable Marriage life. In our observation and also mentioned at classics that if Saturn here’s in great dignity and strengthened then many above statement can be canceled and felicitates the native in the seventh house matters and much relief might be predicted. As per  Astrology, there are some remedies for Saturn or Shani might be performed to please Shani Lord and remove bad effects. Every planet in astrology is definitely having some merits or demerits for sure whether it’s malefic planet or benefic no matter because only then universal cosmic energy balance can only be capable to exist and sustain, as we all are only manifested energies nothing else more so, there can never be only great or only bad in everything in this universe, there’ll always a fine blend of both exists simultaneously.


Astrologer Abhishek Soni


Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology, also known as Jyotish, is an ancient form of astrology that originated in India. It has been practiced for thousands of years and is still widely popular today. Here are five things to know about Vedic astrology.

  1. It is based on the sidereal zodiac: The sidereal zodiac is based on the position of the stars in the sky. Vedic astrology uses this zodiac, whereas Western astrology uses the tropical zodiac, which is based on the position of the sun. This means that the signs in Vedic astrology are different from those in Western astrology. For example, if you were born on March 21st, you would be an Aries in Western astrology, but you would be a Pisces in Vedic astrology. The difference between the two zodiacs is due to the precession of the equinoxes, which causes the position of the stars to change slightly over time.
  2. It takes into account the position of the planets at the time of your birth: Vedic astrology uses a chart called a horoscope to determine the position of the planets at the time of your birth. This chart is divided into 12 houses, each representing a different area of your life, such as your career, relationships, and health. The position of the planets in these houses can have an impact on your life and personality. For example, if you have Mars in the 10th house of your horoscope, you may be ambitious and driven in your career.
  3. It can be used for predictive purposes: Vedic astrology can be used to make predictions about future events in your life. This is done by examining the position of the planets and their relationship to each other. For example, if you have a Saturn transit coming up, which means that Saturn will be in a certain position in your chart, Vedic astrologers may predict that you will face challenges or obstacles during this time. However, it’s important to remember that astrology is not a guarantee of what will happen, but rather a tool for gaining insight and understanding.
  4. It can be used for remedial purposes: In addition to making predictions, Vedic astrology can also be used for remedial purposes. This involves using specific techniques to mitigate the effects of negative planetary influences in your life. For example, if you have a weak Mercury in your chart, Vedic astrologers may recommend wearing a green emerald or performing specific mantras to strengthen the planet’s influence.
  5. It is deeply connected to spirituality: Vedic astrology is deeply connected to spirituality and the Vedic tradition. It is believed that the position of the planets at the time of your birth is not just a coincidence, but rather a reflection of your karma from past lives. The goal of Vedic astrology is not just to make predictions or offer remedies, but also to help you understand your place in the universe and your spiritual path. Many Vedic astrologers also use astrology as a tool for counseling and guidance in spiritual matters.

Conclusion: Vedic astrology is an ancient and complex system that can offer insights into your life and personality. It is based on the sidereal zodiac and takes into account the position of the planets at the time of your birth. It can be used for predictive and remedial purposes and is deeply connected to spirituality and the Vedic tradition. Whether you are looking for guidance in your career, relationships, or spiritual path, Vedic astrology may offer valuable insights and perspectives.

Vedic Astrology lets you know about the correct time you have to begin a venture in order for your company will find an ultimate success. Vedic Astrology If you are in charge of a business then you always would like it to flourish and to find a new high. It says a marriage should be fixed after considering the horoscope of both the boy and girl. A horoscope is typically a presentation of the planets placement on the grounds of time together with place of birth as per a pre-decided format. So to have a happy married life it’s crucial to coincide with the horoscope of boy and girl that are going to get married.

Planets offer success to Venusian facets. Planets here encourage any type of group work to be able to achieve one’s chosen goals. A planet is supposedly happy in its own house in Vedic astrology. They make their impact on the zodiacal field.Vedic Astrology

If you’re single, you must wait around for some time as the start of the year doesn’t appear to be favorable for you that you are able to become involved in deep relationship with the individual you adore. Since you may continue being upset some moment, so it’ll be better, when you have control over yourself and speak with people politely. Folks always examine the proper time, the incorrect time, and rahukalam to create the auspicious event fruitful and successful. Auspicious fantastic time ought to be selected for starting the work of a home. The start of the  Nakshatra, or constellation of swati, the very Nakshatra, is the very same as that of the very first indication of Growth Vedic Astrology

An individual can lead a joyful family life. In the modern world one must be reasonable with one’s generosity as folks are bound to take undue advantage of you. You must enable the world.



rohini nakshatra stotram

In the astrological books, you will get detailed information about planets, zodiac signs and expressions. Looking at more than this, we find that the zodiac signs are distinguished according to the constellations.  Rohini nakshatra stotram

The Moon also passes through the constellations and informs us about the daily changes. In ancient and new books of astrology, it is given that such a constellation has the fruit of the Moon’s rotation, but it is not stated what is the natural nature of the constellation or what is the real meaning of ownership of a planet on it. .

Parashar Rishi divided the conditions on the basis of the constellation but did not give detailed information about the constellations. Similarly, Professor KS Krishnamurthy only offered a detailed analysis by coming out of the Moon’s constellation four and descending to the constellations of every house and planet, but he too has not explained the personal characteristics of the constellations anywhere. rohini nakshatra stotram

Whereas the description of the form of constellations can be found even in the Vrhatta Samhita and other ancient books. The qualities of these nakshatras are also mentioned on the basis of their nature. When such precise information about the constellation is available, nothing is explained about their personal or unitary qualities. If there is a regular change in the nature of the Moon during the rotation of the constellations, is it not necessary to study such effects on other planets as well. Rohini nakshatra stotram

Just what is a Libra in Astrology? If you are one of the many who has not yet been introduced to this zodiac sign, this article will provide you with the basic information.

As a zodiac sign, the Libra is known for its great love, although it is said that they also have a strong belief in love on this day, which falls on their New Year’s Day. So how does this constellation fit into your life? Rohini nakshatra stotram

This constellation in Astrology is in love with its own life and is very much interested in the nature of love and relationships. They have high regard for love and the feelings that make people fall in love with another person. The Libra may want to hold on to love and long for the happiness of being in love, and perhaps even hold onto it as long as possible. This is often reflected in their present as they might be doing whatever they can to hold on to someone that they loved. Rohini nakshatra stotram

This constellation in Astrology is very sensitive to the emotions of others. They can become very easily upset by things that are perceived as negative feelings about them. This can be a warning sign for those who need to be careful about who they spend time with and their relationships. Rohini nakshatra stotram

These folks are attracted to those who love them but are more likely to have affairs if their lovers do not appreciate their feelings. Many times this constellation in Astrology could be confused with Scorpio, which can have the same characteristics as the Libra. However, Libra is more sensitive to the feelings of others than Scorpio. It is also very rare to find the Libra in Astrology as a romantic partner. Rohini nakshatra stotram

In Astrology, this zodiac sign is associated with the sun and the moon. The Libra is associated with Taurus, which is an ancient bull symbolizing a bull rider who often visits temples and festivals. The bulls in the sky represent the great bull riders of old, who rode on the back of these great beasts and brought light and joy to the populace.

Canis Lupus is another interesting constellation in Astrology that is in love with its own life. It is also an ancient symbol of the trinity, which means peace, truth and justice. Canis Lupus is also known as the Three Kings. In ancient times it was believed that these three creatures could discern truth and were meant to keep watch over the kingdom. Rohini nakshatra stotram

In conclusion, I would like to reiterate that this article is only a basic introduction to this fascinating zodiac sign. There are many books available that go into more detail about this sign and astrology in general.

Twenty-seven constellations and their division  Rohini nakshatra stotram

Ashwini, Bharani, Kritika, Rohini, Mrigashira, Ardra, Punavasu, Pushya, Ashlesha, Magha, Poorva Phalguni, Uttaraphalguni, Hasta, Chitra, Swati, Vishakha, Anuradha, Jyestha, Moola, Poorashada, Uttaradaha, Shravan, Dhanishthaadha, Prathishbhadha, Uttarabhadrapada and Revathi Nakshatra are mentioned. They remain in this order. As shown in the picture above, the 27 constellations in the 12 zodiac signs are divided along with their four phases. Each zodiac gets nine phases of the constellation, that is, a quarter to two nakshatras.

The ownership of these nakshatras is given in such a way that Ketu, Venus, Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, Guru, Saturn and Mercury respectively are the lords of the ninth constellation. After this, the master of the tenth constellation becomes Ketu again. Each of the nine planets has three constellations in its share. The zodiac has divided the pieces of the constellations. Every Nakshatra has four phases. In this way, if 27 Nakshatras cut the sky on the basis of each phase, there will be 108 pieces. Under one zodiac, two and a half constellations fall. That is the nine phases of the constellation.

blue sapphire

blue sapphire is extremely helpful for students. Sapphire is believed to be the most powerful Stone in astrology. Sapphire reflects the colours of the sky and the outset of life.  Sapphire is connected with Saturn being the most effective planet in the solar system.  Sapphire will provide you with the strength of mind so you won’t be easily swayed by other people’s thoughts and opinions. The  sapphire is among the rarest and most valuable mineral that is spotted from assorted pieces of earth. Deep Blue Sapphires are connected with royalty.

blue sapphire is just one of them. Therefore, if you’re also searching for one then you’re able to go with sapphire that’s also called Neelam gemstone as it’s blue in colour.  Sapphire will help you during times of transition, assisting you to find out where you wish to go and the way you’re able to become there.

blue sapphire is an extremely protective stone.  Sapphire is also thought to be quite a beneficial stone to the nervous system in addition to with healing hearing and vision issues.  Sapphire is also known to be a really effective antidepressant.  sapphire has an immediate effect on wealth levels.

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