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Mercury From 25 April, the zodiac changes of this planet

Mercury, the factor of communication and speech, will enter Aries on 25 April and will remain in this sign until 9 May 2020. This form of  is going to have a negative effect on the four zodiac signs. These four zodiac signs are Taurus, Virgo, Libra and Sagittarius. Let us know what difficulties these four zodiacs will face in this period.

  • A person should always try to regulate his / her language with Atmakaraka  and always be honest. Such a person is firmly attached to writing. As a consequence, he is often tied to pends, inks, paperwork and all sorts of colleges and educational institutions. Mercury
  • If in any horoscope a planet (Graha) gets too close to the SUN, then this planet (Graha) is said to be combust.Mercury
  • The world of Logic and intelligence is often combusted with  (Buddhi-Intellect). That’s because Sun ever get away from each other more than 28 degrees. And any horoscope you see together with  Saturn is in the next sign at least. Some are burning  in at least 25% of the world’s population.Mercury

 In truth, that means that the power of your mind is governed by the false ego.

  • Architecture, architecture, and sculpture are also of interest to people with Atmakaraka . In the case of Mars, too, a person can be inclined to mathematics and logic. An Atmakaraka- individual may also take an interest in dancing, yoga, papers, magazines, TV, etc. Careful care will bring peace and wealth to law, family, and friends. Mercury Those with Atmakaraka are lucky to change their name.
  • This spouse’s method of forecasting astrology will allow you to learn about personality and character, appearance and much more about your future husband or wife from your own birth chart cast by date of birth and time. For spouse astrology, there are four steps-1. Check the 7th House and the 7th God. 2. See Men & Jupiter’s Venus for Women 3. Test The Lagna Upapada 4. Find out that Darakaraka.
  • Spouse determines when Mars is put in the 7th house by date of a birth-the spouse can be hot-headed, headstrong and aggressive and competitive in nature. He or she is going to be very industrious and will love activity. Mercury in Some people can be full of energy and can be very nice at bedtime. But if Mars is afflicted it displays a quarrelsome disposition and it also gives Manglik dosha in some situations.



The southeast direction is good for the money plant

  • This plant  is considered auspicious in Vastu, it increases positivity.

Vastu tips can be useful to increase the positive energy of the house and eliminate negativity. If the money plant is placed in the right direction in the house, then the environment remains positive and the obstacles related to money work can be overcome. there are some special things related to it which should always be kept in mind

The southeast is considered the fire angle Planting plants in this direction increases positive energy. The causative planet in the south-east direction is Venus. Venus is also a factor of Nine plants. The same plant should be planted in the direction of Venus. money plant

Money plant should not be placed in northeast direction i.e. Jupiter is a factor of north-east angle. Both Venus and Jupiter are enemies of each other. Due to this, the plant of Venus should not be planted in the north-east angle.

The larger the money plant, the more auspicious it is. Its leaves are considered ominous, yellow or white. That is why its bad leaves should be removed immediately. The plant should be well taken care of.

Money plant can also be kept at home. It is better to keep the money plant in water. Its water should be changed from time to time.

so it should be planted upwards. If this plant is spread on the ground, then Vastu Dosha increases.



If you want peace of mind, then you have to give up the desires

  • A Seth had no shortage of money, but his mind was restless, a saint gave him gold currencies in Dakshina and said that there is a way to calm the mind.

To get peace of mind, we must first give up desires. A folk tale prevails in this regard. According to legend, there was a Seth in olden times. He had no shortage of money, everything for rest, but his mind was restless.

Seth wanted his mind to be calm, but he was not finding peace. One day, the saint reached the city. The people of the village were reaching the saint. The saints were suggesting ways to remove all the problems of the people of the village. When Seth came to know about this, he too went to meet the saint.

Seth placed sacks full of gold postures in front of the saint and said that my mind is very restless, please tell me any solution that will give me peace.

The saint asked Seth to take these coins from here, I do not take donations from the poor. Seth was surprised to hear this. He said that Gurudev I am the richest Seth of this region, why are you calling me poor?

The saint replied that if you are rich then why have you come to me? Seth said that Maharaj will get your blessings, then I will become the wealthiest person of all areas from all around and my mind will get peace.

The saint said that Sethji there is no end to your wishes, now you have to become the richest man of the region, then you would like to become the richest Seth of the country, so why do you consider yourself different from the poor? Even after what God has given you, you can never find peace in the greed for money. Until we give up desires, our mind cannot be calm. Therefore, if you want peace, then renounce all desires.

Life management

The lesson of this context is that as long as we have desires for happiness, we will constantly think about increasing wealth, in such a situation the mind will always be restless. If you want peace of mind, then it is necessary to renounce all desires.


Broken idols does not bring peace of mind

Broken idols in the house temple should be avoided, since the Vaastu Dosh is increased by the tradition of placing idols of deities in the house temple.

With regard to idols, one thing is to remember that it is necessary to avoid holding broken items in the room. yhis statues add negativity, meditating on God’s idols while adoring alleviated our stress, but we can’t contemplate if the idol becomes fragmented.

Adoring fragmented idols does not bear full fruit A fractured deity does not attain complete worship. There’s no quiet in the head. Vastu believes the broken idols add to the house a negative effect. Meditating on the idols of deities during worship alleviates tension, but meditation is not possible if the idol is broken. There is no attention. As we look at the broken part of the image, our mind goes and we can not focus on adoration. Mind is restless.

According to Shiva Purana, Shivalinga is considered to be formless. Shivalinga is not considered fragmented Even if the Shivling is broken, he is revered and can be adored. Idols of all other gods, except for Shivalinga, are not to be worshiped in a broken state.

In the previous cases, the tradition is to place idols of gods and deities in temples to worship Him. On that subject, however, we always want to remember one particular element, which does not forget, also, to save the damaged idols in the room. This way, discontent in the home will increase.

According to Jyotishacharyah, when taking notice of God’s idols, our tension is alleviated, but if the picture is broken, we are not capable of meditating on God. This does not give us the complete advantage of worshiping the broken god. There is no peace of mind.

According to Vastu, as a result of broken idols there can be several negative effects in the room.


Mercury travels retrograde

Mercury travels retrograde On April 25, 2020, Mercury will enter Aries from Pisces. Mercury will associate with the Sun in this zodiac sign in a higher sense. Mercury’s nature is to remain neutral. Therefore it will have an auspicious effect on all the zodiac signs of the Sun. Mercury’s influence on the seven zodiac signs (Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Pisces) will have auspicious effects. Let us know what effect Mercury will have on these zodiac signs. Mercury travels retrograde

10 interesting facts about Mercury Planet: Mercury travels retrograde

Mercury Planet is the smallest of the eight planets. It is also the closest distance from the sun.

There are three days in two years on the planet Buddha. mercury-travels-retrograde

The orbit of revolving round of the planet Buddha is oval in shape, which makes it up to about 47 million kilometres near the Sun and about 7 crore kilometres away.

About 70 per cent metal and 30 per cent silicate material are present on Buddha planet.

The Buddha planet is smaller in size than Saturn’s satellite Titan and Brahaspati Ganymede.

The average distance of the planet Buddha from the sun is 5.79 million kilometres. Let us tell you that in 88 days, the planet Buddha revolves around the Sun at an average speed of about 50 kilometers per second. Mercury travels retrograde

Due to the close proximity of the planet Sun to Buddha, the temperature of the day reaches 468 degrees Celsius. But the night temperature drops down sharply and falls to -182 degree centigrade.

One day of the planet of Buddha is equal to 58 days of Earth and 39 minutes.

There are very deep pits on the surface of the planet Buddha, these pits are long and wide for several kilometres. Mercury travels retrograde

If you want to see the planet Buddha from the earth, you have to see it before the sun rises or after the sunsets.



 Dharmendra the Veteran actor is currently at his farmhouse near Mumbai and is going through a lockdown while living there. Dharmendra, 84, is also active on social media and through this, he is giving updates related to his life to fans. On Sunday, he shared a 29-second video showing bananas grown in his farmhouse. Sharing this video, he wrote, ‘Love you all and take care of yourself’.

In the video, Dharmendra says, ‘How are friends, happy, there are lots of good bananas on my farm. Chiku, banana, coconut… I am doing everything. Best wishes to all of you and those above. Love You All, I’m So Happy Today And Very Excited. Bananas are found in the market, but the bananas that they have on their farm do not have their own fun. DharmendraEarlier on Saturday, Dharmendra shared a video of him sitting on a tractor ploughing his field. In that video, he said, ‘How are friends? Such a small farm, as I hold it, it gets little exercise. ‘Sharing this video

The Indian film world has succeeded in leaving its mark on the world with independence, which is still intact. This film world got the best actors, which will always be remembered. Among these actors, Bollywood’s He-Man Dharmendra, which if compared to the lion of the jungle, would not be an exaggeration. Just as a lion takes its food from its prey. In the same way, Dharm ji used to do all the dangerous roles like fighting lions, jumping from high building etc. For this courage and enthusiasm, every young actor considers him to be his inspiration.

Dharmendra was born in Nusrali village, Ludhiana. His father Kewal Kishan Singh Deyol was a government math teacher who taught in a primary school in the village of Sahenwal and his mother was Satwant Kaur.

Childhood & Education
His entire childhood was spent in the village of Sahiwal. A mischievous by nature, Dharmendra’s early studies were from his father’s school, where his mother, often a freedom fighter, would send him to school with a khaki dress, tricolour in his hand. Then in the evening, his father used to say to his mother,

Perhaps chance was waiting for them as well. At the same time in 1960, Filmfare launched the New Talent Hunt program. After applying for this, he came to Mumbai and managed to win the program.

And he got a chance to make his Bollywood debut with the film Dil Bhi Tera Hum Bhi Tere in 1961. He earned five thousand rupees from this film as an income. In whose delight he had a Daru party with friends. Dharmendra

Comedy hero
In 1975, he did a comic film for the first time. His film in this episode was Tum Haseen Main Jawan, Do Chor, Chupke Chupke, Dillagi, Servant Biwi Ka. In which his work was highly appreciated. Dharmendra

Best pair
This decade he got the opportunity to work with Hema Malini. Then the pair got so involved that they did two films together. Prominent among them were Raja Jani, Dream Girl, Sita and Geeta, Sharafat, Naya Zamana, Azad and Sholay. The pair was considered to be Bollywood’s best ever.

Dharmendra came from a non-film background family. Then, like a star actor, he also appeared in double, triple roles with romantic, action, comedy. His double-role film was in the film Jayaka Shan, with the film Zacha, Samadhi, Ghazab and Triple. Dharmendra

Filmfare Honors

In 1997, he received the Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award at the hands of his inspirations Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu. On this occasion, Dilip Kumar says in his beauty, Dharmendra


Gayatri Mantra should not be chanted in high tone

  • To avoid negativity and increase concentration one should chant the Gayatri Mantra.

Gayatri Mantra is recited to the delight of Mother Gayatri. This mantra is considered one of the best mantras. It is mentioned three times a day to chant this mantra. The time of chanting the mantra is called evening.

Gayatri Mantra- Om Bhurbhuva: Self-Tatsaviturnayanabhyo Devasya Dhemhi. Don’t worry Supernatural.

Gayatri Mantra means – We meditate on the glory of the Creator, the light, the Supreme, and this radiance of the divine will inspire our intellect to walk the path of righteousness.

Whenever you can recite Gayatri Mantra

The first time to chant the Gayatri Mantra is in the morning, the chanting should be started a little before sunrise. Gayatri Mantra Chanting should be done till after sunrise. The second time of chanting the mantra is at noon. The third time is shortly before sunset in the evening. The chanting of mantra before sunset should start until sometime after sunset.Gayatri mantra recited to the delight of Mother Gayatri

If you have to chant the Gayatri Mantra in addition to these three times, you should do it silently or mentally. The mantra should not be chanted in a loud voice. It is best to use the rosary of Rudraksha to chant this mantra. Gayatri mantra recited to the delight of Mother Gayatri

What are the benefits of chanting this mantra?

The chanting of this Gayatri Mantra brings enthusiasm and positivity, the skin glows, the thoughts are pure, the mind towards God, the eyes are sharp, the anger is calm, the knowledge increases. The person who recites the mantra daily seems to be calm and attractive. Gayatri Mantra

The key goal of life
The key goal of life in this house is to discover and identify ourselves, in relation to our role, existence, and personality. This allows us to understand what our fields of focus are, which will further allow us to lay the foundations for a promising future. This House allows us to stay driven to obtain and grow the materialistic amenities needed to lead a comfortable life in keeping with society’s norms. Gayatri Mantra


Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury in Aquarius in Astrology is considered an important event in astrology. The planet Mercury is considered to be the planet of wisdom. In addition, it represents the areas of dialogue, speech, intelligence, business and writing. The most impact of Mercury planet is in the business.

Mercury in Aquarius can be tricky. There are many times when Mercury will clash with your expectations, often resulting in a blend of hard and soft. Because Mercury is an all-around powerful astrological sign, this hard or soft quality may show up as physical or emotional issues or any issue that has to do with people, relationships, power and money.

If Mercury is one of the planets which rules our emotions, water, air, fire, earth or metal may rule our minds. This combination can result in a very difficult experience. You may be able to handle the volatile heat of water on your face but find yourself unable to express yourself in other areas of your life. It can also be difficult to swallow the cold water of metal because it’s hard to communicate with your unconscious. This is often the reason Mercury rules water in the chart.

Remember that Mercury is a “Mercury in Aquarius” sign, so the sky is also ruled by water and this is a good thing. A mixture of metal and water can create an inescapable gravitational pull. You are not a person who wants to be in a struggle and sinking. You don’t want to feel uncomfortable, or to be desperate for attention.

People born under this sign often have knowledge of aquatic animals. Be careful about trying to communicate with your waterside and you may end up having a very frustrating experience. This can happen to anyone, regardless of where they live or how they express themselves.

Aquarius is the planet of change. Any time Mercury is in Aquarius, be prepared for change. Take the change in stride because the planet of Mercury rules changes. Learn to adapt to changes in your life and you will keep your emotions under control.

Mercury rules fire, air and earth, so it is a very powerful element when it comes to creating conflict and dissatisfaction. The trick is to keep from getting stuck in the conflict, because if you do, you will end up hurting someone or yourself. Do your best to stay away from any fiery behaviours and you will keep the negativity out of your life.

Money is also a perfect example of Mercury in Aquarius. The ability to take on debt and pay it off is something many of us cannot afford to do. There is a tendency to put too much weight on money, and that is a mistake.

People who have a lot of money tend to focus too much on material things and forget to appreciate the things that really matter. The main point is to learn to treat money in a positive way. Remember that money is only a means to an end.

Water also rules the earth and metal. Earth comes from the element of Mercury, so if Mercury rules water, it would be wise to avoid living in a place that is not very far from the ocean. A man who lives in New York who has Mercury in Aquarius could find himself spending an extended period of time swimming with sharks in the south Pacific.

Mercury in Aquarius can be a good thing or a bad thing. It is important to find out what will work for you in your own home. If you choose Mercury in Aquarius in a house that is near the sea, there will probably be fewer people who will talk you into a big fancy vacation. You need to find balance in your life.

Living in a house where the water is right next to the sea is a nice experience. It is hard to keep your temper when you are surrounded by the beautiful serenity of the water. What’s more, if you are an athlete, you will want to practice the sport at a time when the water is calm. If you choose Mercury in Aquarius in a sports-themed home, you may end up taking an uneven amount of care of your body because you are swimming a lot, while the water is in a frenzy.

The water could cause you to start putting salt on your wounds, where the water would rather go for a swim then soak a cut. Mercury in Aquarius will tend to wait for the ocean to go before you attempt a goal.

Mercury will set in the morning on April 19, followed by the rise of Mercury again on May 13.

How does a planet set

The Sun is considered to be the centre of our sky system. When a planet orbits a certain distance from the Sun, it loses its own aura, that is, due to the strong impact of the Sun, due to which the planet is not visible for some time. In astrology, this process is considered to be the setting of the planet. When the planet Mercury is down, its factors start to decrease. In such a situation, the ability to produce the fruit of Mercury weakens for some time. The effect of which starts on the lives of the people. Let us know how the effects of Mercury will be on all zodiac signs.

The appearance of mercury in the 6th house indicates that the opponent will turn out to befriend and boost his helping hand. The circumstance of earning from transport-related business and foreign contacts. He will be settled as an honest person in the society owed to his intelligence. People will spend money on the good purpose open heartily. His mind will be knowledgeable and balanced whatever the circumstances are confronted by him. Silence will likely sharpen his mind to get the flashes of god in his thoughts. In astrological argot, Mercury has been understood as an apparently variable, hesitating, adaptable, neutral and duplicate planet. Mercury reflects the state of mind of an individual, control the reaction to our senses and impacts and control over the central nervous system. As an intellectual planet, it performs intelligence, genius, logical power and reliability. Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury is the small planet of the solar system. The native miss to understand anything and meanwhile the secret and mischievous. Mercury turns the cycle of hazard in the revert pitch. Mercury bears the effects of the planet or planets it is connected with. Mercury is considered harmful in the 3rd, 8th, 9th, and 12th houses.Mercury in Aquarius

If Mercury and Rahu both are in their fortunate houses then Mercury causes a disturbance in the native’s houses and produces an unfortunate result like putting the native down the bars or generating problems of the same type. If Mercury is fixed alone in any house the native keeps rushing and wasting time. Mercury becomes idealistic in the 6th house. The native will be a confident person and will receive advantages from land, stationery, and trade. Good or unworthy words from there tongue will never go waste. Mercury in Aquarius


Love Marriage

Love Marriage and Divorce have been the two most popular topics in the world of astrology today. A lot of people still cannot fathom the fact that some people are born to live a life in love while some are born to die a natural death.

Astrology has been there to assist us with the answers to these questions for thousands of years. In our modern-day society astrology can help us see into the future to guide us with love Marriage and Divorce. It can also show us how to avoid those unfulfilling relationships and even the ones that we may have, in order to make sure that we do not get hurt in the end.

If you are still wondering what type of relationship that you may have been born to live then consider this; if you were born in love would you really want to experience the pain and suffering that all the men and women out there do? You may be suffering in your current love marriage and do not even know it. Love Marriage

Since so many people are asking for love Marriage and Divorce questions, and also how they can avoid being hurt by an unfulfilling love marriage prediction then I thought I would share a few tips with you. You can avoid that misery by using the teachings of astrology to guide you to your destiny in love and life. Love Marriage

The first step to success in love and marriage prediction is to never give up no matter what happens. This means that no matter if your husband has moved on or has found someone else it does not mean that he is ready to break up with you. Love Marriage

Secondly, learn to recognize those signs and symbols that indicate a breakup. These signs and symbols are those that seem like they are leading to an inevitable split up in the relationship. If you are being led to believe that this is inevitable then be open to the possibility that it may be true.

Be careful when reading your horoscope or your love Marriage and Divorce because some of the warning signs that are displayed by the moon and planets can be subtle and hard to spot at times. Again if you are told that your marriage is doomed do not let your guard down because many marriages do make it and have a happy ending. Love Marriage

Another important factor to love Marriage and Divorce in love and marriage prediction is that you listen to the advice of your own intuition. Your own inner guide to knowing if you are in love Marriage and Divorce will have a much more powerful effect in your own heart and mind than what the pre-conceived rules of astrology will. Your intuition tells you more about yourself and it is a very good way to do astrology.

Astrology is all about timing and the best time to read the predictions and make the moves. You want to be able to make the decision that is best for you now and not later or at all.

The main issue is to be kind and understanding to each other and to be patient. There are plenty of resources that can help you do this; there are love Marraige and Divorce books as well as astrology tips and tools.

The problem with love Marriage and Divorce is that the sky is not falling down and that is why love Marriage and Divorce is a very difficult area to predict. Astrology will not necessarily be wrong but it is a guide and a bit like a road map to help you find your own destination.

Astrology cannot foresee the future but it can help you with love Marriage and Divorce, but you do need to be willing to make some adjustments to be in tune with your own heart and your own soul. Like a car that has the gearbox in the wrong place and cannot go anywhere because it is right at the limit and your heart will be weak if you insist on driving it to a place it is not suited for.

Read the Love Horoscope based on the lunar zodiac (Daily Love Rashifal) and learn how this day will pass in terms of love life. This daily love horoscope is based on the calculation of the Moon. You can know the prediction related to your love life and married life through love horoscope. So let’s read today’s love horoscope  Love Marriage

Love marriage means marrying your choice, now whether life partners are of our caste or not.

In the horoscope of any person, the fifth house shows the relationship of love while the seventh house is related to marriage. Venus is the causative planet of the seventh house, so when there is an auspicious combination of Panchamesh-Saptamesh and Venus, both husband and wife have a deep affection relationship. In such a planetary state, love marriage is possible.


horoscope dates

You might be surprised to find out just how many horoscopes dates there are to be found. When I first got my first horoscope book, I was stunned to find the number of astrology dates in it. If you have a pretty good grasp of the subject, then you’ll probably have a pretty good idea of what I mean. If you’re not sure, here’s a quick list of things that you can find and study when you study astrology.

The sun signs and planet names are most common. Every zodiac sign is represented by a particular planet. When you find one of the planets in your horoscope, you can add it to your zodiac chart and see what signs are associated with that planet. You might also want to look up the sun signs for all the people you know. That way, you’ll be able to tell who’s going to do better in love and relationships with each other based on their sun signs. horoscope dates

Astrology is about more than just the four elements. These are only the four we notice because they are symbols for fire, air, water, and earth. There are actually eight elements, as well as an additional one called the ‘metallic’ element which is made up of the four elements combined together. horoscope dates

Astrology is not just about the twelve zodiac signs, or just about the life of a particular person. Astrology is about all of us and about everything. There is no point in studying astrology if you don’t also study the earth’s climate and the many factors that affect our environment.

Astrology is not just a tool for divination; it is also used for self-knowledge. We all need to know our own strengths and weaknesses, and if we can learn how to recognize these characteristics that are holding us back, then we can start changing them. For some, the ability to get what we want requires having access to our own inner strengths and weaknesses. horoscope dates

There are also horoscope dates in which we can meet people from other cultures. There are certain kinds of stars that have specific associations, and sometimes these signs are represented as representatives of cultures that we are not familiar with. All this and more are possible with the help of astrology. horoscope dates

There are even astrology dates in which we can meet people who have been brought back from our old times. Now, you may think that this is an old notion, but if you take all the precautions you should be able to protect yourself. There is no need to be afraid because after meeting the person, you will have met the same kind of person who is still yours known. horoscope dates

Astrology dates have been around for thousands of years. While most people consider astrology just another fad or a figment of the imagination, the reality is that many people have embraced the concept and have started using it for real. It is only now that it has become so widespread that we find this information from ancient times, and we may be able to study it for ourselves. horoscope dates

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