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Saturn within the eleventh house

Saturn within the eleventh house issues itself additionally with blackmailing, smuggling, hoarding, profiteering, seizure for ransom, Failure of Marriage, or alternative functions.

Saturn within the eleventh home is honest support in matters of politics and exploit power by truthful or foul suggests that. owing to a smart level of financial gain, these people typically create money contributions or indirect resources to politicians. If Saturn is extremely sturdy within the eleventh house and has the support of Sun or Mars, the individual assumes the role of a king-maker at punchayet level, district or county level, state level, or maybe at the national level.

In this context, it’s to be noted that once Saturn is lord of the twelfth or the first house and is occupying the eleventh house. it should be a lot of or less taken without any consideration that the individual would encash each particle of cash spent on politicians or on influencing politics, be it by truthful or crooked suggests and strategies.

These people square measure daring, brave, daring, and dashing while not a lot of concern, whether or not it’s in personal fight and combat, cluster fighting, or fighting for the state or nation. They prove economical defense strategists and knowledgeable in developing helpful ordnance assemblage. they create competent police or security officers, however rarely of high integrity.

If these people square measure within the field of trade or producing, they’re continually keen to take advantage of the labor force and at an equivalent time to extract higher worth for his or her product or manufacture. If necessary’ they’ll do this by deteriorating the standard, mischief in amount or adulteration, etc., applying every kind of crude strategy.

When Saturn Aspecting eleventh House Of Horoscope/ Kundli:- Saturn side on the eleventh house offer all quite prosperity and wealth from multiple supplies as well as from government once thirty-seven years mature. The natives can own lands, properties and can additionally earn wealth from mercantilism property further from agriculture and agricultural product. The natives can have their own business and it’ll grow slowly and bit by bit and can offer native good earning.

The native also will earn well from jobs and services. Saturn’s side on the eleventh house offers few however trustworthy friends. The native can have some complications with their elder relation further however could earn cash from their facilities. Saturn’s side on the eleventh house offers tremendous growth in money prosperity in maturity.

The goods and therefore the dangerous

  • When the bully Saturn is within the eleventh house of secret needs and dreams, folks with this placement can push to create their goals a reality.
  • They won’t have things the straightforward approach and typically want they’re heading obscurity. However, they’ll keep going as a result of Saturn is concerning delays, not concerning jilting.
  • People with Saturn in eleventh house square measure undoubtedly able to face all the challenges this planet needs them to confront and will take a short while to urge to the line with their objectives, however, their efforts can receive tremendous rewards, you’ll make certain of that.
  • When it involves friendships, they like older folks and have even spent their time with adolescents as youngsters.
  • They presumably don’t have too several true friends, however, this isn’t one thing negative in their life, it’s simply that they have a tendency to discriminate and pay shut attention with whom they’re associating themselves.
  • Having a variety of inventive ideas, they’ll wish to check their own ideas on folks. These natives merely like to brainstorm and to make your mind up along with their friends what works best.
  • They’ll be appreciated for his or her approach of thinking and resourcefulness, however, all this for certain suggests that they have to urge along with folks from several areas of life.
  • That’s why they’ll realize it tough to be members of just one cluster and to stay thereto community. they ought to simply keep some folks around them and find involved larger teams once desperate to discuss their ideas.
  • This way, they will be as individualistic as they need to be. Compromising their add-on to giant groupings will typically be the right answer for his or her issues.
  • While Saturn being a gift within the eleventh house makes them wish to run aloof from everything standard, they ought to find out how to understand the worth.
  • They’re afraid of failing, that makes them avoid projecting to just one plan and may agglomerate their agenda with too several things to think about.
  • These folks ought to watch their Saturn as a result of it will forestall them from obtaining what they need in life.
  • They don’t wish to ever choose from folks, things, or things, whether or not it’s concerning their skilled or personal life, as a result of this makes them feel tied all the way down to what they’ve selected for the remainder of their life.
  • Saturn in eleventh house folks squares measure aware choices place them on an explicit path and that they for certain don’t wish to traumatize an equivalent thing of a selection they’ve created, everywhere once more.
  • All this will have them while not a passion in life and running while not an explicit direction. Their potential is superb, therefore the bravery to work out what they need becomes a necessity.

Jupiter and Saturn is conjunct in Capricorn in 2020

Saturn and Jupiter in Astrology will cure any kind of problems. As Jupiter is more masculine it takes on a more active role and Saturn takes more a nurturing or a feeling side of nature. They are the opposition in many aspects of your life. For example, the man who becomes more physical becomes more emotional, and the emotional man will end up feeling lonely when there are no physical things to fill the void.

With this planet combination if you have a patient who gets better than expected you will feel the relief of “being all in one”. It is said that Saturn takes more of a healing effect and Jupiter takes a strengthening one. It is possible to grow stronger in a place where you feel that you are starting to feel a little weak, with the same moon and planet combination. That is very therapeutic and productive for both the individual and the environment. While you are being healed by this, do not forget to take care of yourself and spend some time socializing.

Saturn also brings more harmony to your life. Saturn has a slower effect on people who are drawn to more spirited personalities. While on the other hand, Saturn brings a much softer touch to people who seek more harmony and balance in their lives. These two characteristics will help you to promote self-confidence and love. If you find yourself becoming very skeptical about your ability to remain positive, do not let that discourage you. Start taking your own efforts and achievements as positive signs. What you are doing is encouraging yourself to be encouraged in all that you do.

Ketu Mahadasha destroy a Career

Ketu Mahadasha

Ketu Mahadasha the most serious Desu. This is influenced by the type of fruit that Kundalini produces. It is a misconception that Ketu usually bears more than bad fruit. While Ketu Desi, a person will also carry positive results.

Ketu County usually lasts seven years. If the Sun and Jupiter remain in the horoscope or become positive to a person during this office, that person will achieve incredible results and success. If Venus, Mercury, and the Moon are in a negative state or in the same random horoscope, Ketu will have a very negative impact.

Depending on the position, according to Ketu astrology, Ketu is in a good position in a person’s horoscope. Even the best planets are in a positive state. When they join a union, a person gets a name, glory, and abundance in life.

Ketu MahaDesha is not so happy to visit other centers. For example, if the Ketu is in the 7th house of a person’s horoscope or in a house, there is no harmony in that person’s family life. Disputes between spouses over less work can sometimes lead to a divorce. Even if the Ketu is in the 5th house, the child is cared for separately. Otherwise, it is said that the child is far from the parents.

Does Ketu Dasha destroy a career?

Ketu Mahadasha is faced with a career struggle because you have to work very hard to get the results you want and the results are not quick and you have to wait long until you work hard. If Ketu is in the 10th house, his career may be interrupted. Immediately, as residents may lose their jobs for a few months and more He may have experienced a sudden change in his career which is also related to Mahadasa. There may also be workplace conflicts that affect distance with coworkers. This can lead to conflicts in your career relationships, which can lead to more emotional and psychological stress.

Remedies for Ketu Mahadasha

  • On weekends you can wear at least four carats of cat-eye silver on your little finger. In the morning, dip the ring in water with Ganga or cow’s milk and perform the ritual of worship with the mantra.
  • Ketu will benefit from taking the nine Mukhi Rudrakshas he encounters as a trailer. The poor position of the Ketu has a positive effect when wearing the Nine Mukhi Rudraksha.
  • Placing the Ketu idol in getting the puja universe will help you in eliminating the negative results from Ketu mahadasha.

When Ketu is placed in the 1st house

Ketu In first House/ Lagna/ Ascendant Love, Career, wedding In Horoscope/ Kundli:

Ketu In First House/1st House Personality: Ketu isn’t an associated actual planet however a shadow planet that represents a node of the moon that’s the south node of the moon. On one aspect, Ketu identifies itself to destiny, causes the results of the deeds or work god or unhealthy you performed in a past life, and on the opposite aspect, it implies or signifies spirituality, liberation, and find out mystery over occult science and different mysteries of life.

It is the world of detachment; it takes away comforts of life and opulent things for the larger sense of soul looking out. Hindu deity stands for materialistic wishes whereas Ketu is all regarding purifying soul and detachment and liberation from the outer glitters, luxury, and materialistic happiness of life. once negative, Ketu will cause mental disorders, psychic tendencies, lunatic activities, anxiety, strain, criminal mental attitude, etc.

Ketu In Lagna Love, Career, Marriage

The results of Ketu in Ascendant or first house(Lagna) varies from person to person attributable to totally different|completely different} signs within the first house of various individuals having identical planet Ketu in Lagna; as attributable to different lordship because of amendment of signs. As lordship varies from Aries sign up Lagna or first house to Pisces sign up Lagna or first house. we should always conjointly check the sign, aspects, conjunction, and nakshatra constellation for prolific and careful correct prediction.

Ketu In First/1st House:

Ketu in the first house might indicate short pulp fleshy frame of body and native contains a giant ear and suffers from acidity and likes to eat rice and dairy farm and milk merchandise in their meal. Ketu within the first house makes one ask for a high non-secular detached life. From the centre age, the native would interact with himself in intense meditation and Self-Study.

Ketu in Lagna or first house will build an individual convertible, and may conjointly build an individual generally inconsistent with their goal ambition and direction in their life. It conjointly makes the person super sensitive to others’ feelings and emotions particularly pain, anguish, anger and unhappiness, and discontent with their life normally. Ketu in the first house makes native wanderers and gifts them nice intuitive power and judgment in their speech, for instance, their prediction will return true for different kinsfolk.

Ketu In first House Horoscope and Love Relationships

If native with Ketu placed during this house falls crazy, can|there’ll} be loss of mental peace for the natives and natives will become neurotic together with his or her love partner. They behave like crazy dogs or crazy mentally challenged individuals whenever they fall crazy. though they continue to be terribly loyal to their lover their feeling won’t be reciprocated in the same manner.

Ketu In first House Of Horoscope and wedding –

Ketu placed during this house makes native married life sort of a living hell. Ketu creates mayhem and shallowness in their married life. The husband and the better half can stay unhappy with one another and can not adapt and respect one another feelings. The quality issue will be there. Separation is extremely abundant attainable because of this placement of Ketu.

Ketu In first House Of Horoscope and CAREER –

The relief issue is extremely abundant there with Ketu placed during this house, as by their sheer exertions and by means of some divine grace or luck they perform splendidly well in their operating sector. They get quality and success with fame within the occult field, star divination, or within the medical sector.

The rise in life is attributable to their focus on career and their work ethics and have sheer data of their profession and work Endeavour. Thus, the increase in life with an honest quantity of wealth until the time of life is attributable to their winning stable career.

Rahu in seventh house,say about marriage life

Rahu in seventh house horoscope/Kundli/Birth chart and Marriage:-

Rahu in the seventh house 1st wedding could cause Separation, divorce, or death of a married person. A second wedding also will not be a really happy and satisfactory one. Native could become made when a second wedding however can ne’er be happy, stable, and happy even afterward.

The native is restless and can behave sort of a fool in their relationship. solely physical satisfaction is the bottom of the wedding. The native would possibly get entangled in some reasonably non -conservative, non-traditional relationship with girls sort of a widow, lower-class before and when wedding.

The married person can also belong to a poor or less lucky family. there’ll be less physical and mental compatibility with the married person. the seventh house posited Hindu deity within the horoscope indicates wedding or live-in partner could bring hassle to the family of the native. Native married life is unconventional and natives even espouse unorthodox designs with a partner of various backgrounds, cultures, or religions.

Results of Rahu in the seventh House

  • Planet Rahu within the seventh house during a horoscope is mostly not appreciated and not sensible in the slightest degree. Afflicted or adverse Rahu in the seventh bhava Rahu provides separation from relatives. each boy and woman can have much-publicized amorous affairs, everybody in family and society can realize this affair. These natives can have multiple relationships, not inviolate regarding love matter provided ascendant, 5th house, and ninth home is not afflicted.
  • Marriage harmony is very disturbed within the case of Rahu within the seventh house for each male and feminine, hassle too, and hassle through spouse equivalent can not be neglected. The husband or married woman forever suspicious regarding the character of the native. Love weddings conjointly quite common particularly within the Indian cultural context with this placement of Rahu within the horoscope.
  • The native with Rahu within the seventh house from Lagna or navamsa are going to be idle, driven by lethargy and complacence, wanderer, choleric, and faces hindrance in each work.
  • As per people Vedic texts seventh house, Rahu folks square measure noticeably vulnerable to suffer from an unwellness like piles and polygenic disorder. issues in internal procreative organs square measure seen.
  • Love affairs or adulterous affairs don’t seem to be discarded, these males and females inquisitive about inter-caste or inter-religion love marriages, if extremely afflicted exists then natives take flight for love wedding against the would like of the family.
  • In health relative|spousal equivalent|spouse equivalent} of each male and females with Rahu in the seventh house suffers physically unceasingly with one or other abdominal and organ problems, sickly disposition.
  • Often persons with Rahu in seventh house, secrets, or facts square measure hid in wedding {and can|and can} be disclosed solely once wedding which will hamper the trust and mutual religion within the relationship. usually, such problems result in divorce and separation if saving factors don’t seem to gift within the horoscope.

Love marriage planets in astrology

Does astrology play a role in Love marriage?

Love marriage is considered to be one of the most common aspects of modern Indian society. When people choose a spouse according to their wishes and choices instead of finalizing family members for a marital alliance, marriage is called a marriage of love.

The prediction and analysis of ‘love marriage yoga’ in the horoscope is related to astrology. The nature of that person’s horoscope and the arrangement of specific planets may also indicate whether that person is going to have an arrangement or a traditional marriage or a love marriage.


There is a great need to understand the important role that planets play in influencing life and its various aspects. The movement and arrangement of the planets also have an impact on the individual’s thoughts and actions. According to Hindu astrology, there are many favorable planetary combinations that help a person to have a relationship with his favorite partner.

Marriage is a divine union of companionship and an important life decision. The secret to a happy marriage is to find the right person.

The position of the planets in one horoscope determines the timing of marriage and how life is determined after marriage.

Venus, Mars, Moon, Saturn, and Rahu and the 5th, 7th, 8th, 12th house should be seen as behavior in astrology.

Venus and Mars in Taurus, Scorpio, or Capricorn are intensifying sexual desire. The position of Mars as the lord of the 3rd and 8th house in the 12th for the sign of Virgo makes it a powerful deterrent to feelings of normal sex and love.

Marriage or relationship in the 7th house and 7th house is extremely important for measuring the chances of love marriage. The aspect or coincidence between Venus and Mars should also be analyzed. Mainly the 5th and 7th houses and the relationship between Venus and Mars indicate the possibility of love or arranged marriage.

However, the 9th house (the house of the Lord) and its lord also play an important role in this matter. The more comfortable your ninth house is, the happier your married life is.

In modern times, boys and girls work and study together, so that they have the opportunity to meet each parent separately. Such frequent meetings lead to mutual discord, which leads them to form a love affair and eventually to agree to marry.

Such marriage is called “marriage of love.” Thus, in the marriage system, the choice of marriage system is the primary choice of bride and groom, and parents are secondary.

A marriage of love is always successful on the basis of a mutual agreement between a bride and a groom. Particularly in today’s digital world, finding your perfect match has become a challenging task. Vedic astrology states that there are many factors that have an impact on our married life and the harmony between couples.

The traditional method of inquiry to obtain information is 7th. The 5th house can provide you with important clues about your romantic life, intimacy, intimacy, etc. In the 11th house, we’re talking about how we relate to others.

Venus is the primary love planet. It is not possible to get successful love in life due to not having the right place of Venus. Successful love here means – a romantic relationship will turn into a marriage.

Venus brings a love marriage between the 5th house and the 7th. Venus represents what your “life” is. Such as: If it is in the 5th house, you will always be ready to live a romantic life. If your spouse’s horoscope does not match your wishes, it creates many complications after marriage, it may end in divorce or you can find a new world of relationship for you.

That is why the divorce rate in case of love marriage is so high, people do not know the difference between love and attraction or attraction for a limited period.

The people who are married with Ketu in the 7th house

7th house in a very Horoscope

The seventh house from the ascendant terribly} very chart represents wedding, bonding, partnerships, and business ventures. Being merely opposite to the ascendant (self), it represents the skin world.

It is the house of the relation and together with the eighth house, it represents marital status happiness. Being tenth from the tenth house, it’s the second house for a career.

Since we’ve got understood the earth Ketu and also the significance of the seventh house, can|we’ll|we are going to} move any with the subject on however this placement will have an effect on the native.

Effects of Ketu in the Seventh House

This placement of Ketu isn’t smart for wedding prospects. It will create the folks tired of the wedding or they could be searching for a partner that could ne’er exist. If married, then there are probabilities that marital status pleasures would be absent within the lifetime of the native.

The seventh house In the worst case, folks with Ketu in the seventh house with alternative unhealthy planetary placements will find yourself the wedding in divorce. There are instances of multiple marriages because of this placement. As Ketu is detached, a person with this placement will altogether abstain from the wedding.

Ketu’s placement in the seventh bhava is additionally not smart for folks having businesses and may create the native tired of business or finally exploit it.

People don’t actively participate in business management activities which might cause its failure. Even if someone undertakes business with this placement, it’s counseled that he shouldn’t enter into any business partnerships and will handle it alone on his own.

Any business partnership done will cause a legal fight between the partners and may fast the business entity.

This placement {can also|also will|can even|may also|may} have an effect on the health of a native adversely and he can develop issues associated with generative organs of the body. The seventh house

Will Ketu perpetually damage the seventh house prospects?

Ketu within the wedding house will certainly result in tons of frustrations for a native. though the native gets married, the Mahadasha and Antardasha of Ketu will originate inharmoniousness within the marital status life, and within the worst-case state of affairs, it will result in divorce.

The seventh house But, if the seventh home is well aspected by beneficent planets like Jupiter or Venus, then any such issues together with your spousal equivalent can get reduced. So, the charts have to be compelled to be checked for all the aspects of the seventh house before returning to any conclusion.

Since the seventh home is the house of business too, thus a nasty Ketu will bring issues in your business ventures. folks with this placement mustn’t choose business. though they’re concerned in any business activities, they must fully bonk on their own, while not getting in any forms of partnerships.

How can I impress Rahu and Ketu

There are many things that can be seen in the horoscope that indicate how to impress Rahu and Ketu. Astronomy has many times been used to create astrology and it is now time that astrology is also used to make astrology-related articles for the horoscope.

Astrologically, Rahu means the point of intersection of the two routes of the Moon and Sun as they travel around the celestial body. This is a sign of perfection since this is the way all stars and planets move. So, Rahu is literally the sign of perfection in everything that has a beginning and an end.

In addition to being the star sign of perfection, Rahu can also symbolize love and a longing for love. This is a sign of romanticism since there are no other stars that will show their affection to us like Rahu. Rahu and Ketu A man may wish to show this affection by marrying Rahu since it has been the sign of perfection and therefore, is a sign of love.

Astrology has proven time again that a person can be born with a personality that is very favorable to it, so if it shows a person to have a tendency to be ambitious and driven, that personality will affect him or her greatly, so this also is a sign of love in Astrology. Thus, this is a great way to show your true feelings to your partner and show them that you care.

The sign of Rahu also represents wealth and good luck. If a person has this sign, he or she will have the most opportunities for good luck and for getting into any type of business that may be presented to him or her.

Also, when a man is looking for a partner, the star of Rahu is usually considered to be lucky because of all the aspects of wealth and prosperity that it symbolizes. A woman may also take advantage of this lucky sign since it will provide her with all the resources and material things that she needs to survive.

Astrology has proven time and again that there is much more than meets the eye. Therefore, if you want to impress Rahu and Ketu your beloved by telling her that she is the star of Rahu, then there is much that you have to do, such as finding out a reputable astrologer or using an online service to tell your beloved about your intentions.

Astrology can also be used as a method of making predictions for future events. Thus, if a man’s desire is to make his wife happy by giving her the best of his heart, then a reading can help predict if she will make love again and he will have many chances of winning her heart if he has to leave his wife to settle for someone else.

The sign of Rahu can also help a man to determine if he is going to win over his girlfriend or if he should leave her and go for another woman. This will help determine whether he will get into a relationship or not, as the signs of these two signs are very similar. Thus, using astrology can give him a big advantage in his dealings with women.

How to impress Rahu and Ketu

  1. Worship Lord Ganesh
  2. Worship goddess Saraswati
  3. Keep the house neat and tidy
  4. Feed to street dogs, especially black dogs
  5. To avoid the ill effects of the Rahu planet, take the root of eight Mukhi Rudraksha or Nagarmotha. For Ketu, wear nine roots Rudraksha or Ashwagandha root.
  6. Donate barley, mustard, coin, seven types of grains to Rahu planet. At the same time, bananas, sesame seeds, black blankets, etc. can be donated for Ketu.

Which is the best house for Ketu in chart

Ketu in the First house

In search of Hindu stars, Ketu could be the tail of a dragon. It is believed to have a direct impact on the lives of the people who live in it. house for Ketu in chart Ketu has the ability to build or destroy a person’s life, work, and relationships. When the planet Ketu first found its place in the house, it had a spiritual dimension and character for the locals. These two characteristics are worth discussing. People who live inside are attractive to others because they value their needs for recreation and entertainment, so they have the opportunity to travel the world.

Benefits: Discipline, spirituality, social worker, doctor, runner.

Ketu in the second house

The second house belongs to the moon, which is considered an enemy of Phra Ketu. If Phra Ketu is successful in the second house, he will receive a blessing or a gift from his parents. One person has the opportunity to travel to various locations and the trip is free.

Venus is good in any state. The moon was badly affected. If the sun is in the 12th house, you can start making money in twenty-four years and he is happy. If Jupiter rises with Neptune in the second house, it will increase his income.

If Phra Ketu is harmed in the second home, that person may not have a good travel experience. house for Ketu in chart If there was a moon or Mars in the 8th house, the life of the citizen would be shortened and he would have serious health problems from an early age. If the 8th house is empty, it will have a negative effect on Phra Ketu.

Benefits: Beautiful speakers are great for support or research. Provided by a medical, counseling, or counseling service.

Ketu in the third house

The third house is influenced by Mercury and Mars, which are incompatible with King Ketu. If Ketu is useful in house 3, it is good for children. If Ketu is in house 3 and Mars is in house 12, the natives will have offspring at a young age (20 years). Traveling to work/work, not entertainment

Benefits: Vigorous, creative, mathematical, courageous, socially acceptable.

Ketu in the fourth house

The loss of the mother while the moon is suffering. Behavior brings him a lot of fame and popularity and a lot of space in relationships with high-level politicians. A piece of the house is difficult for this aspect, such as the fear of controversy, spoiled, weakened, poison. He was fortunate to have both his father and a teacher.

Benefits: spiritual mother, local heir, maternal guardian.

Ketu in the fifth house

This system is sometimes not good, it harms the descendants and if it was kept bad due to the bad deeds of the previous birth, many wars had to be faced. Losing a child in love can be frustrating. Less support from family and friends. This type of person easily gets into trouble with tricks/magic.

Benefits: People who are learning computer magic or any other language will find joy from being a good boy, naturally good-natured mathematician.

Ketu in the sixth house

Is a good place for Ketu, he will destroy all enemies. If you are well, stay here and work with a yoga teacher, tantra, or saint/doctor. Good negotiators are educated here. house for Ketu in chart It also provides natural energy. Ketu is a man of strength, determination, name, and prestige. The one who has the sixth house of the Buddha is physically and mentally strong.

Benefits: Conversation, lawyers, hard work, success in pockets, maybe in the intelligence department.

Ketu seventh house

Even if the world is weak in lawsuits or marriage ends in divorce, it can really affect married life. There is a big difference between wives. From a business standpoint against the alliance, if mercury is well protected, it will help. Having Ketu in the seventh house can be very unjust.

Benefits: Monks or spiritual partners can be exchanged in games, books, software.

Ketu in the eighth house

Accident, fight against life. Tantra that hurts marriage – is interested in mantras, but people are vague, disgusting, optimistic, have similar issues and problems. There may also be a risk of sexually transmitted diseases. She is wounded by several weapons.

Benefits: Good natural leave from the mother of consultants abroad, engaging in magic.

Ketu in ninth house

If Ketu is kept here, it is good in religious or political branches. This made him holy and righteous. This is not a good trip abroad. You can also see the difference between fathers. house for Ketu in chart Ketu’s comfort zone meant that the locals earned their fortune only through hard work. But after 32 years in Baghdad, luck began with good results, but slowly.

Benefits: Religious and spiritual, the father may be a priest or spiritual, may travel to religious sites, may have computer knowledge.

Ketu in the tenth house

As if always wanted to do something different. But in general, everyone thinks that the capacity of fracture bone number 10 is too low. Because it is a pure and materialistic home, it is not the best in this world. But those who see the holy places love it. Religious like the Bible / Vedas

Benefits: A famous social physician, astrologer, is more successful when away from the place of birth.

Ketu in the eleventh house

If Jupiter and Saturn are stronger on a planet and Neptune is in a better position, it will bring a lot of wealth. Such a man is great as a leader or a leader. He may be good at running the 11th house, but he still shows a social cycle. But it is limited to social groups. It is believed that Ketu, who has eleven houses, gets everything. He seems to think that most people are lucky enough to learn and dress well. If the flame is strong in 5 and the nerve in 11 is strong, do Shubh Yoga / Dhan Yoga.

Benefits: Social worker with satisfactory work, flexibility, mentoring, or mentoring.

Ketu in the twelfth house

Ketu is a wonderful place because it is my own Ketu house. Nirvana, peace, and self-improvement are the keys to this house and Ketu are comfortable in it. It gives very good spiritual knowledge. Neptune loves to travel to the 12th house of his destiny. People want to spend their energy on things like meditation, yogis.

Benefits: Those who are easily destroyed by an enemy spirit, teacher, spiritual wife, or priest, can easily achieve salvation

How is Ketu least damaging in the 9th house

Ketu within the First House:

When Ketu is a gift within the first house or the Ascendant or Lagna in one’s horoscope, it negatively affects the choice of creating the ability of the person. individuals having Ketu within the first house of their horoscope don’t seem to be able to make a conclusion in their lives.

It provides pressure issues to the individual.

The person becomes disgruntled from himself/herself.

Although the native is drawn towards spirituality when the age of forty-two years however discontentment ne’er goes aloof from the lives of natives that have Ketu within the first house of their horoscope.

Ketu in the first house conjointly signifies married issues.

Ketu in the first house provides a superb understanding of star divination.

Ketu within the second House:

A person having Ketu within the second house can ne’er have satisfaction from his/her family and cash (both earned furthermore as accumulated).

Ketu in the second house makes the native a hesitant speaker.

Ketu within the third House:

A person having Ketu within the third house of his/her horoscope is disgruntled by his/her siblings and neighbors.

The courageousness thinks about their lives will air the token facet.

Ketu within the fourth House:

People having Ketu within the fourth house of their horoscope area unit probably to feel restless in their homes and their residence is also close to a temple or an incineration ground.

No matter however stunning their house is however they’re continuously searching for Associate in Nursing excuse to run aloof from their home.

Ketu within the fifth House:

Ketu within the fifth house typically leads to missing carriages and discontentment from youngsters, but one kid of a native having Ketu within the fifth house can earn terribly ample name & fame.

Despite having nice ability and data, Ketu of the fifth house makes the native do employment that’s terribly on the brink of slavery and his/her efforts area unit ne’er appreciated/recognized at the work.

But Ketu in the fifth house provides a superb understanding of star divination.

Ketu within the sixth House:

This Ketu provides discontentment from a maternal uncle or maternal kinswoman.

One ought to keep one’s eyes off from having pet cats or dogs.

This Ketu is additionally not sensible for married life and might offer pressure issues to the native.

Ketu within the seventh House:

This Ketu makes the person sexually terribly active however his/her partner is probably going to be additional inclined towards spirituality and not sex. So, it leads to discontentment from sex life.

It conjointly makes the native feel that he/she isn’t obtaining the respect within the society that they merit.

Ketu within the eighth House:

This Ketu provides the native terribly non-secular in-laws however the native usually speaks terribly dangerous or harsh words to the in-laws, creating his/her relations with the in-laws, sour.

If you have ancestral wealth, then it’s probably that this Ketu won’t allow you to get that.

Ketu within the eighth house will offer issues of the genitals.

Ketu within the ninth House:

Ketu during this house build a native unlucky and disgruntled from faith.

Ketu within the tenth House:

This Ketu offers discontentment from one’s profession.

People having Ketu within the tenth house usually dream regarding comforts and sleep in sorrow.

Ketu within the eleventh House:

People having Ketu within the eleventh house have a great deal of property however they’re ne’er happy with the property that they need.

They are conjointly not happy with their friends and their uncle.

Ketu within the twelfth House:

Ketu during this house makes the native facilitate others in want and also the native ne’er gets uninterested in serving others. it’s this quality that leads the native towards liberation.

Also, Ketu within the twelfth house defeats the enemies of the native.

We delineated however Ketu affects an individual, particularly throughout its Mahadasha (major period) however their area unit variety of things that acquire play as per one’s individual horoscope.

Ketu together with your birth Moon provides you Associate in Nursing distinctive understanding of emotions, intuition, your celestial body self, your link to the current creation, etc. If your chart is very evolved then you’re awake to the opposite dimensions, astral/ causative bodies, past lives, the occult, tantra, nonsecular stuff, have premonitions of the long run, etc. This is your young age that will cause mental stress and unrest, particularly throughout childhood. you’re psychic, ingenious, you’ll be able to visualize terribly powerfully and square measure extremely perceptive. you’re extremely aware however in a very fair method of the emotions/ celestial body bodies of others too. (someone I do know will sense the pain of mountains once landslides occur within the range wherever I live now!). Your mother or individuals in her family might also be psychic. you will be an Associate in Nursing astrologist, a shaman/ Tantric, or in a way awake to further things in your surroundings.

Ketu conjunct Sun will cause issues as the authority is primarily affected if the Sun is weak. Sense of self, self-ego, etc is hit. self-examining, bearish, you carry a load of guilt. You expect sympathy from others for your issues that don’t happen thus sorrow may be a motif. Overall vitality is low, life is confusing. however if the Sun is powerful in a way, id est within the first house, in Leo, exalted, etc, then this could provide a ton of physical energy and skill as Ketu adds his energy to the already glowing Sun.

Ketu conjunct Mercury if in a very sensible house/ sign can provide a sturdy and weird imagination, logic, intelligence if he’s beneficent. you usually have choices and you’ll be able to produce new ones as you’re fearless and willing to experiment. you’re not afraid to act. this could produce to actually sensible astrologers, mathematicians and folks UN agency invent stuff. you recognize however things work along intuitively. however, if Mercury isn’t sturdy, debilitated or within the dushamsthan, sixth eighth or12th homes, or underneath even a lot of evil aspects, etc, then you may use your words to harm others, your speech is illogical, selfish, there’s forever confusion, an absence of judgment, coldheartedness and your words/ actions will hurt your own self and therefore the others around you.

Ketu with Venus isn’t a decent combination of material happiness. it’d be best if you channelize this energy into artistic arts, ie writing, acting, etc. Or if your chart supports, do your Dhyan for non-secular progress. Or become an officer or get into fashion. you would like true fulfilling love, however, this intensity of pure love that you would like isn’t doable during this material world. the general public with this mix has pissed off sex activity.

Ketu with Mars isn’t a decent combination because it is an Associate in the Nursing drug of fireplace, passion, impulse, aggression, rage, and cruelty. It will provide a varied energy state from lassitude to passion. you have got terribly high self-esteem which may cause rash and reckless actions. you have got to exercise restraint on yourself all told ways in which to form this energy tolerable for yourself and for those around you.

Ketu with Jupiter is taken into account to be sensible by some individuals, thinking that Jupiter will management Ketu. however I even have seen that Ketu spoils Jupiter’s skills to try and do sensible within the horoscope, no matter Jupiter stands for gets spoilt. on condition that Jupiter is extremely powerful will this mix be thought of to be useful. but you have got to be into faith, teaching, spirituality, etc to form real use of this energy.

Ketu with Jupiter is taken into account to be sensible by some individuals, thinking that Jupiter will management Ketu. however I even have seen that Ketu spoils Jupiter’s skills to try and do sensible within the horoscope, no matter Jupiter stands for gets spoilt. on condition that Jupiter is extremely powerful will this mix be thought of to be useful. but you have got to be into faith, teaching, spirituality, etc to form real use of this energy.

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