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Saturn in 11th house  The Saturn Mahadasha (Shani) and its influence on the human being are well known to all of us. The planet Saturn is one of the most important planets in the field of astrology and prediction.  Saturn in 11th house

This powerful world is the ruler of the nine worlds. Therefore, Saturn punishes the people involved with illegal, immoral and unconstitutional practices with such harsh punishment. Even to the small extent the planet Saturn does not tolerate injustice.
You need to know the terms about Shani sade Sati, Sani Dosh and Shani Mahadasha etc. Saturn’s mahadasha lasts for 19 years. While Shani sade Sati takes seven and a half years to complete. Saturn in 11th house 

The planet Saturn gets results in the birth chart according to its location. The Mahadasha Saturn Vishmottari could be both dangerous when malefic planets are damaged, combusted and afflicted. Saturn isn’t always hurting, however. It can do wonders when it is helpful. You may have been axed during its Mahadasha due to the planet’s negative influence, Saturn. There is no question that Saturn’s administration era could be extremely harmful. It becomes riskier when the birth chart does not place the planet Saturn in a favourable position. Saturn in 11th house Saturn in 11th house

During its greatest time, the planet Saturn will offer the harshest outcome. The outcome may vary with different planet during its Antardasha time. The malefic planetary Antardasha will be more devastating while the malevolent mahadasha with beneficent antardasha may be mild. Saturn in 11th house

The citizens with Saturn’s poor mahadasha usually face various kinds of problems and obstacles. Saturn in 11th house

If it is ill-disposed, the Shani mahadasha will destroy the native too. It can carry health problems, loss of both movable and immovable property, fraternal hardships, insecurity, deceits, lack of reliable friends, theft, burglary, marital discord, litigation, enmity, big loans, legal punishment, divine punishment, professional failure, loss of source of income and unnecessary travel etc.

If you are born with Leo ascendant, the planet Saturn is the lord of 6th and 7th house to you. As a lord of the 6th family, this strong planet regulates your illnesses, debts and rivals, and organizes your conjugal life as a 7th king.

This is not regarded as a favorable planet according to ancient Indian classics such as Parashar Hora Shastra, Phaladeepika and Jataka Parijata etc.

You will have many kinds of hindrances during the Saturn Mahadasha, such as health problems, big loans and deadly enmity. Saturn would definitely ax matrimonial life. Therefore it is best to be very vigilant with respect to health and happiness. Only when signed or elevated in Libra, the Shani will bring good results. Saturn in 11th house 

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