The Impact of Rahu on Your Marriage: A Comprehensive Guide

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The Impact of Rahu on Your Marriage: A Comprehensive Guide

In Hindu astrology, Rahu is an important planet that has a significant impact on our lives. It is considered a shadow planet and has a major influence on our mental and emotional state. Rahu is known to bring both positive and negative effects on our lives, and its impact on marriage is a topic of interest for many people.

Rahu is associated with obsession, passion, and desire, which can have a profound effect on our relationships. It is believed that Rahu can create disturbances in the marital life of a person, leading to conflicts, misunderstandings, and even divorce. However, if handled properly, Rahu can also bring harmony, love, and understanding to a marriage.

So, how does Rahu impact your marriage? Let’s take a closer look.

Effects of Rahu on Marriage

1. Delayed Marriage

Rahu is known to delay marriage, especially if it is placed in the 7th house of the horoscope. It can also create obstacles in finding a suitable partner. In such cases, it is recommended to perform remedies to reduce the negative effects of Rahu.

2. Love Marriage

Rahu has a significant impact on love marriage. It can create a strong attraction between two individuals, leading to a passionate relationship. However, it can also create misunderstandings and conflicts between the partners. It is important to maintain a balance in the relationship and communicate effectively to avoid any problems.

3. Extra-Marital Affairs

Rahu can create a strong desire for physical and emotional intimacy outside of marriage. It can lead to extra-marital affairs and infidelity, causing a lot of pain and suffering for the partner. It is important to address such issues and seek professional help if needed.

4. Separation and Divorce

Rahu can create a lot of conflicts and misunderstandings in a marriage, leading to separation and divorce. It is important to handle such situations with patience and understanding, and seek the help of a counselor or astrologer to find a solution.

Remedies for Reducing the Negative Effects of Rahu

1. Chanting Rahu Mantra

Chanting the Rahu mantra can reduce the negative effects of Rahu and bring peace and harmony to your married life. The mantra is “Om Raam Rahave Namaha” and should be chanted 108 times a day.

2. Wearing Gemstones

Wearing a gemstone like Hessonite can reduce the negative effects of Rahu and bring positive energy to your life. It should be worn on the middle finger of the right hand, after consulting with an astrologer.

3. Performing Poojas and Homas

Performing poojas and homas dedicated to Rahu can help reduce its negative effects and bring peace and harmony to your married life. It is important to perform these rituals under the guidance of a qualified priest.


Rahu has a significant impact on our married life, and it is important to understand its effects and take necessary measures to reduce its negative impact. By following the remedies mentioned above and communicating effectively with your partner, you can overcome any obstacles and enjoy a happy and fulfilling married life.

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