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Just Know All About The Year 2020 Numerology . Which Number Brings Luck For You 


In Astrology, the auspicious number of a person is determined by the date of birth of the person. What’s called the Radix. Radix is the sum of the date of birth numbers. For example, if on April 22 a person was born, the total of their two digits will be 2 2= 4. This is known as the radix. If the date of birth of someone is two digits, i.e. 11, then its radius is 1 1= 2.

At the same time, it is called Bhagyank the complete number of the date of birth, the month of birth and year of birth. For instance, if someone is born on 22-04-2016, Bhagyank is the sum of all these digits. 2 2 0 4 1 9 9 6 = 33 = 6 = 6 = 6.

Numerology For Number 1

Take care of the health of the mother, higher education will be given to students. The competition is going to stay, but there is a chance to get good marks. You have the energy and vigor to achieve your goals. You can, therefore, look forward to an exciting time. So, you should be ready to face the new projects ‘ trials and tribulations.

Numerology For Number 2

Do not contend. You may face unnecessary problems if you keep control of your language. It is important for students to work harder. Training may be hindered. You are going through your instinct and intuition, not through thought.

Numerology For Number 3

Invest money as well as thinking in the real estate. Take care of your eyes, you may be bothered by illness. You may be affiliated with creativity-fostering partnerships. For your spiritual growth and personal development, you can use your creative skills.

Numerology For Number 4

Take care of the needs of your family, speak sweetly. Coincidence is ideal for a new task to begin. Pay attention to your health. You will take your goals more seriously. You need to carefully plan it all.

Numerology For Number 5

Travel-related people will be good. In your life, the love of children will bring joy and happiness. You can be opposed by the subordinate workers. Act with understanding and discipline. If there are some changes in your career or business, there may be changes in your social circle or relationships.

Numerology For Number 6

Mental problems can spoil the home environment. Do not travel abroad can be disturbing. Do not jump into future plans. Sunday is propitious for starting new jobs. You may participate in a family member’s marriage negotiations.

Numerology For Number 7

Today is going to be a day of goodwill. Politics-related people should take care of their profiles. He may face charges. Keep the anger in check. Don’t pay attention and don’t complain about unregulated issues. You should look inside and be sure of your perception of the whole of life.

Numerology For Number 8

There may be a chance of losing money. In the government and authority market, it will earn you respect. There may be conflicts with senior officials. This year calls for creative ideas to remove roadblocks to achieve the professional and monetary goals and increase the execution rate.

Numerology For Number 9

Be vigilant about the value of your deposit. Keep trying to reach your target. Seniors are going to be happy with you. You may purchase a new car. The new year will carry with it new challenges. You might want to spend time in a wild forest or on a quiet beach on the sea. You should try your hand to know some of them if you are interested in creative arts.


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