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astrology chart The first home is an angular residence. The sixth home is a cadent home. It is commonly referred to as the House of Health. For instance, if it is put in the sixth house, the individual might be involved in disputes. The sixth house isn’t just representative of disease but in addition represents weapons (like sharp edged instruments) and surgery.

The second home is a succedent property. It is linked with finance and family and speech as well. The third home is a cadent home. Both are put in the third home.

The twelfth home is a cadent home. In this situation also it is considered to be sleeping. The fourth home is an angular property. The fifth home is a succedent property. astrology chart

The seventh home is an angular property. The eleventh home is a succedent property. The eighth home is a succedent home. The ninth home is a cadent residence. astrology chart

Mercury and Rahu are thought to be exalted in the sixth home. If Saturn becomes whoever owns the sixth house it gets more representative of disease. If Jupiter is with Mercury then you’ll have loyal and beneficial friends. As lagna lord wherever Venus is, it supplies auspicious outcomes of that home. Venus in the sixth house indicates an individual is going to do their very best to take care of unpleasant situations with grace and attention. She gives you an easy rapport with others at work, making it feel like a party.astrology chart

Venus in 6th house in several cases cause marital disharmony and it could lead to divorce or it might also cause dissatisfaction in marital life as a result of prolonged illness to life partner.

Unique planets give various effects here. It also needs to be mentioned that the planets in the sixth house aspects the twelfth property. Waning moon isn’t good whilst waxing moon is good. It’s better if Sun isn’t in the very same house as the likelihood of a planet being combust (astangata) is high. astrology chart 

So, Sun produces poor benefits within this home. It produces poor results in this place with respect to mother, education and assets. If Sun or Moon are set in the second home, then the Mars in the fourth house isn’t considered malicious.

Capricorn native is utilised to check at grey side of a circumstance. Natives are practical and useful people but aren’t great at expressing love. They are extremely sensitive people and easily get stressed and hurt. Native may not delight in a very good married life. The natives are going to have a fruitful vocation as soon as the planet Ketu is in 6th house.Remedies1. Such natives usually wind up with compromise. They may have to suffer the consequences in the form of bad reputation and punishment for such crimes. astrology chart

A dog needs to be kept if at all possible. Being in own house it’s good. Being in own house it’s good, but for uncle, it’s bad, because it’s in the karaka house. Also Lagna lord is put in the house of misfortune. Rahu or Ketu in 6th house mostly offer the outcome of the lord of that specific residence. Ketu in sixth home is recognized weakened. astrology chart

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