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Broken idols in the house temple should be avoided, since the Vaastu Dosh is increased by the tradition of placing idols of deities in the house temple.

With regard to idols, one thing is to remember that it is necessary to avoid holding broken items in the room. yhis statues add negativity, meditating on God’s idols while adoring alleviated our stress, but we can’t contemplate if the idol becomes fragmented.

Adoring fragmented idols does not bear full fruit A fractured deity does not attain complete worship. There’s no quiet in the head. Vastu believes the broken idols add to the house a negative effect. Meditating on the idols of deities during worship alleviates tension, but meditation is not possible if the idol is broken. There is no attention. As we look at the broken part of the image, our mind goes and we can not focus on adoration. Mind is restless.

According to Shiva Purana, Shivalinga is considered to be formless. Shivalinga is not considered fragmented Even if the Shivling is broken, he is revered and can be adored. Idols of all other gods, except for Shivalinga, are not to be worshiped in a broken state.

In the previous cases, the tradition is to place idols of gods and deities in temples to worship Him. On that subject, however, we always want to remember one particular element, which does not forget, also, to save the damaged idols in the room. This way, discontent in the home will increase.

According to Jyotishacharyah, when taking notice of God’s idols, our tension is alleviated, but if the picture is broken, we are not capable of meditating on God. This does not give us the complete advantage of worshiping the broken god. There is no peace of mind.

According to Vastu, as a result of broken idols there can be several negative effects in the room.


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