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If you’re interested in reading your horoscope then you should look into free will astrology. Free will astrology is the combination of tools that will help you uncover the powerful messages within your horoscope. The tools that are used will be able to help with two things; first, it will help you uncover the internal messages within your horoscope and secondly it will show you how to correctly interpret your personal astrological readings –. free will astrology.

You see, many people often have a very difficult time when it comes to reading their reading correctly. They tend to misunderstand what their horoscope is saying and this can make it harder for them to take the reading seriously. The tools that are used are very powerful and are able to help people comprehend the message within their reading.

There are two types of reading that you can do. The first one is the traditional astrology reading and the second one is the free will astrology reading. In order to do a reading for yourself, you are going to need a piece of paper and a pencil. You are also going to need some notebook paper or even a computer, this will allow you to write down everything that is displayed on your horoscope. -free will astrology.

For traditional reading, you are going to need to learn about the basic shape of your horoscope. This means that you are going to need to know what the parts of your horoscope are going to be. For example, there are seven parts to your astrological chart. These parts of your chart are the Ascendant, the fixed star, the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter.  -free will astrology.

You need to learn about the square of your Ascendant. This is the part of your chart that will have the widest angle. The square will also display a direct line from the Sun to the Ascendant.  free will astrology.

The next part of your chart is the element that your chart consists of including the five elements, air, fire, earth, water and wood. As you are learning about these elements you are going to learn about the element of fire. You need to understand that there are five elements that make up a full chart, and each element has a different aspect to them.

One of the different aspects that you are going to be taught about is the chakra. These are the energy points within your chart that are related to the particular position of the Sun in the sky at a particular time. The position of the Sun in the sky at a particular time will determine where the Sun will appear to be during your reading. Each chakra is considered to be the centre of a particular energy.  –free will astrology.

For your second reading, you are going to want to learn about the wheel symbol. This is an essential tool that is used to represent the path that a celestial body will take as it travels through the solar system. These symbols will also reveal which star is located where.  -free will astrology.

The fundamentals of Astrology is the actual starting point where we have to understand the significance of 12 houses in Vedic Astrology and they’re each significant characteristics. All planets in-universe have their own significance identity bestowed by nature through the earth gravitational forces.  free will astrology.

As discussed in our earlier articles the 360 degrees of zodiac equally divides among 12 zodiac signs into 30 degrees each which is called Zodiac Sign. The starting sign is Aries or Mesh till the ending sign Pisces or Meen in the Vedic Astrology. Each zodiac sign is denoted by its lord planet or owner. Jyotish Janam kundalini   -free will astrology.

Results of planets depend upon how well the planets are placed in the respective houses at the time of native’s birth in a natal chart. Jyotish Janam kundalini  -free will astrology.

All the respective 12 houses (also called as bhavas) are considered good, bad or neutral depending upon their positions in the birth chart.  Therefore every house in the Vedic astrology defines its own meaning and governs the particular or important part of native’s life. Jyotish Janam kundalini

House Number Significance of each bhava or House
1 House that rules or governs natives hair, brain, head, success, mental health, thinking power, status, birthplace and so on
2 House of wealth, family members, eyes, education, face mouth, household articles
3 House of siblings, Neighbors, courage, hobbies, valour, neck, writing, computers
4 House of motherland, mother, emotions, happiness, luxuries, school, chest, lungs
5 House of past life karma, gambling, stomach, liver, heart, memory, stock market
6 House of enemies, injuries, sickness, agony, lower back, lower waist, kidney
7 House of relationships, business, partnerships, legal contracts, sexual organs, marriage, foreign travel
8 House of transformation,  obstacle, hardship, serious accident, death, drugs, smoking, chronic diseases, deep research, hidden things
9 House of guru,boss,father,employer,luck,education,blessings,wealth,spirituality
10 House of career, job, status, honour, powerful position, the middle portion of legs
11 House of gains, income, rewards, promotions, goals, long term desires, elder siblings, friends, recovery from disease,
12 House of loss, sleep-related problems, moksha, long-distance travel, hidden enemies


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