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When Is The Next Blue Moon? On August 23rd, 2020, September 11th will be the last Blue Moon in the calendar year.

Although there will be many other months of the year when there is a new moon, the full moon only occurs during the spring and summer months. Sometimes they are called “autumnal full moons”. They are also known as Valentine’s Moon. For centuries, lovers would meet at this time of day to exchange gifts and to declare their love for each other.

Many people might assume that the next full moon will be a blue one but if you look closely you will see there is more to the story than that. Usually, the new moon is a clear orange colour. There is no way to tell whether it will be a blue moon until after it has come and gone.  -full moon day

You can watch the sky and find the colour of the new moon and determine how soon it will be. A blue moon usually appears when the sun is not rising in the east. It rises later in the morning in a blue sky, so it will be a little later for sunrise. However, if the sun has already risen in the east, it will be a clear blue moon.  -full moon day

There are many different reasons why a moon appears blue. Maybe the light has been changed by the earth atmosphere or perhaps the light from the moon is reflecting back from something on the moon. The old saying that “a rose by any other name” still holds true. But in all honesty, the colour may not always be blue.

Some people use the lunar map to look at the full moon to see if it has any markings. They will usually see white marks on the bottom of the moon. Sometimes they will find that the moon has a slightly darker colour than its normal colour.  -full moon day

Sometimes a child with a birth sign will show up with a moon in their constellation. Perhaps the child was born at a time of year when the moon appeared differently. In this case, the moon may appear slightly lighter.

Sometimes the colours of the sun and moon are related to a person’s psychic ability or energy. Therefore, if a person’s energy is in one colour, it can be reflected in the colour of the moon. If a person’s energy is in another colour, the moon may reflect that energy.  -full moon day

When a person first sees the moon, they will notice that there are many different things that they notice about it. For example, there are streaks in the moon. The streaks can be in the shape of hearts, a cross, flowers, etc.

They can appear in the shape of a lily pad or in different kinds of flowers. The colours that they are seen in can also be different shapes such as an upside-down heart or a lily pad.  -full moon day

As mentioned earlier, sometimes the patterns can become a heart shape. These kinds of shapes are often linked to clairvoyance and psychometry. You may be able to see patterns of what someone has wanted to see for a long time or to see a loved one.  -full moon day

Some patterns are solid while others are in different shapes. For example, if the moon is seen with a rounded shape in the sky, it can be associated with meditation. When looking for your own meditative energy, the moon can help you bring this energy into your life. – full moon day

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