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Jupiter In 7th House Even though the subject chosen here’s broad and vast in itself together with various intervening factors and chances from the partners. We’ll restrict and confine ourself with the positioning of specific planet in the 7th house of rashi in addition to Navamsha chart that’s mostly and always considered for the matrimonial schedule then other homes like eighth home, first home, 2nd, 3rd, 11th as kind kaam trikona or want triangle, but broader view could be had by surveying seventh home of rashi, bhava and navamsha chart. Assessing our attention and pointing our focus towards the topic, let’s see the influence of positioning of Saturn in House in their context of matrimony in people horoscope.

Malefic placement in seventh is never considered auspicious, retrogrde jupiter in seventh house is incapable begetting beautiful and rich spouse. retrogrde jupiter  being separative and dry world creates dryness and coldness from their marital relation, devoid mutual bonding and religion therefore capable of giving numerous unions and several a times union with widow, divorcee. retrogrde jupiter in seventh home will cause substantial difference in age, standing or at least in the psychological level of the marrying spouse. In addition Read: Impact of Mars in seventh House Spouse, Marriage, Partnership, etc. Native Wife may not be great looking rather than fair or clear complexion.

Native will be under spouses control nature and luck favors after union, seems of the native resembles similar to older people. jupiter in seventh House will cause frequent rescheduling of union dates or events after fixation due to any problem in  family.

Impact of Ketu in seventh House Spouse or Life Partner, Partnership- Saturn is well placed viz. Exaltation, Own Sign, Mooltrikonathen severity of evil effect will be less otherwise native will be deprived of Marital Bliss. He or she’s to rely on other benefactors at Horoscope, suitable Dasha, favorable transit etc.

In general, a well placed jupiter indicates a stable Marriage life. In our observation and also mentioned at classics that if Saturn here’s in great dignity and strengthened then many above statement can be canceled and felicitates the native in the seventh house matters and much relief might be predicted. As per  Astrology, there are some remedies for Saturn or Shani might be performed to please Shani Lord and remove bad effects. Every planet in astrology is definitely having some merits or demerits for sure whether it’s malefic planet or benefic no matter because only then universal cosmic energy balance can only be capable to exist and sustain, as we all are only manifested energies nothing else more so, there can never be only great or only bad in everything in this universe, there’ll always a fine blend of both exists simultaneously.


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