jupiter Governs two zodiac Signs Sagittarius & Pisces

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jupiter planet  is the preceptor of Gods and believes in doing well all the time. Jupiter being the largest planet tends to expands things. Wherever it sits wherever it aspects in a chart things tend to grow. Jupiter is the planet of knowledge, wisdom, expansion, religion, philosophy, spirituality, law, fortune, children and husband in female chart.

Jupiter governs two zodiac signs Sagittarius and Pisces. It is exalted in the sign of cancer and debilitated in the sign of Capricorn. It gets directional strength in the first house of the chart. Number 3 stands for the planet Jupiter in numerology which has its own significance. jupiter

Well placed Jupiter in a chart gives respect and good reputation in society. Health, wealth and prosperity come with a good jupiter planet

Jupiter in Astrology

Luck and good fortunes are the word for Jupiter but due its largeness, it sometimes results into laziness and sloth. It rules over different body parts like the liver, tumours, malignancy, organs of hearing, lower abdomen, hips, and circulation of blood, blood pressure, arteries, and fat in the body.jupiter planet

All professions connected to products which increase fat in the body like milk, ghee, butter, sweets, dry fruits and peanuts do comes under this planet. Good Jupiter leads career in legal affairs, teaching, scriptures, lawyers, advocates, interest, banking and finance, administrators, bankers, revenue department, treasury, economics, gold, turmeric, jewellery, shipping business, and foreign affairs.jupiter planet

If the Jupiter is weak problems like over confidence, tension, problems in children,

weak liver, less emotional for others, egoistic, not able to take care of self family, chronic diseases are there.

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