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Mars can result into harm. It is responsible for violent behaviour in an individual. It becomes the owner of the second as well as the seventh house. Mars like the rest of the planets is necessary for a normal and balanced life. In the same way, mars come to a particular position each day but do not lead to an accident or injury every moment. Mars in Venus sign can’t do harm if it’s the 4th or 7th home.mars in 12 th house effects

No moolatrikon sign is put in the 8th and 12th residence. The 5th house is owned by the Sun, who’s a pure friend of Mars. It resonates with performing arts as well as all things related to children.mars in 12 th house effects

The best method to describe the House is the fact that it contains what talents and capacities of yours you are not able to express, because of different things in life (other sections of the horoscope). 11th home is related to the last stage of the game when the last plan is set into practice. 12th House isn’t the ideal place for Mars. It is related to the end of the game. The 12th home is referred to as the Vyaya Bhava.mars in 12 th house effects

1st home is related to the beginning of the game. 7th house is a critical house of wealth. It shows the legal bondage and health, long life and characteristics of the partner.mars in 12 th house effects

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