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navamsa chart The first house in the horoscope or kundli is called Lagna. It is a special place in the horoscope of the first house. This reflects your personality and nature. The lagna shows the person’s character, colour, facial face, personality and effect. The planet sitting in the Lagna itself becomes strong. Chandra, Mercury, Guru, Venus are all auspicious planet and Rahu, Mangal, Saturn, Sun, and Ketu are all sin planets. The planet sitting in the Lagna has a special effect on a person’s life.

navamsa chart The zodiac sign in the lagna also has a great impact on the person. From lagna itself, it is known that the person is affected by the birth of a person of previous birth. The person speaks lies or knows the truth also goes from lagna. A lot can be known about man’s health from lagna.

navamsa chart

The ninth house in the horoscope has been called the fortune of the house. Similarly, fortune is seen in fortune, for which the Navam horoscope is required. Navamsa horoscope is considered to be the most important after the birth horoscope. If the person whose birth is in the horoscope and the navamsa horoscope has the same zodiac sign, then it is physically and spiritually healthy. navamsa chart

navamsa chart Similarly, other planets are also sacrificed when they are awakened and provide good results. If a planet is low in the birth horoscope and high in the navamsa horoscope, it provides the auspicious results which demonstrate the significance of the new horoscope. You can also know a lot about yourself and your life partner with the help of Navamas kundali. navamsa chart 

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