Rahu Ketu

Rahu Ketu in Astrology What are the effects of Rahu Ketu in the horoscope? The major influence of the planet Rahu and the Ketu is on the sign of your birth and the time of your birth. However, this is only a general explanation as to the main effects of these two planets.

According to Astrology, Rahu Ketu has something to do with a person’s job. The effect of these two planets is correlated to the fact that in such jobs, there are requirements in regard to a person’s dedication and hard work. This is a natural cause if you think about it.

Most of the jobs that require a lot of dedication and hard work require the working hours to be longer. It is even impossible for most people to perform a full-time job like writing, doing odd jobs or other jobs that are related to manual labour. Therefore, it would be difficult for some people to perform a full-time job in their careers.  -Rahu Ketu in Astrology

Rahu Ketu Since such working hours are hard to attain, it will not be too much difficult for the people to earn money if they already have a degree in a related field and the skills to perform a job. This will make it easier for them to achieve the dreams of having a full-time job and to become successful in life. However, if they do not have a degree in the related field but still aspire to have a full-time job and have no passion for it, then this will be harder for them to attain.

However, Rahu Ketu is not the only effects of these planets. There are other effects of these two planets that are also connected to your job. The effects of the planets are correlated to the meaning of the things you find yourself attracted to in life. You can use these to understand your inner needs and to get motivated to take action in your work. -Rahu Ketu in Astrology

If you are an expert in Sanskrit, you can relate yourself with a job in Hinduism. When you come from a Hindu family, the chances of you having an interest in Sanskrit is higher. Since you already know Sanskrit, you can now use this to enjoy more in life.

If you are an astrologer, you can relate yourself with a job in spiritual life. When you come from a Spiritual family, the chances of you having a spiritual life and wanting to explore more about the truth and spirituality are higher. Thus, you can now use your knowledge in these areas. As you will be more interested in your work, you will be able to advance in it more easily. -Rahu Ketu

In conclusion, if you have a job related to a spiritual career, there is a higher possibility that you will be attracted to spiritualism. Moreover, if you have a degree related to religion, you will also be attracted to spiritualism and the importance of spirituality in your life. It is also possible that if you come from a Chinese or Japanese family, you will have the interests in astrology or philosophy.

We’ll be examining the effects of Rahu in 1st House in Astrology and how it relates to your career. In Astrology, the nature of a person’s business influences their fortune and health. -Rahu Ketu in Astrology

The most important aspect of any business is the one which the owner/managers and their staff oversee and own, the way they decide to get things done. They are the one in charge and by being able to handle their people, they can handle their business easily. This is where good relationships come in because they enable the owner to connect with their people, make decisions, handle crises, support the vision of the company, manage expectations, etc. -Rahu Ketu in Astrology

It’s an interesting fact that the most successful businesses have top management that works well together and is in close contact with the business itself. This is a concept that will be studied in more detail in a future article but first let’s look at some examples. For example, McDonald’s has staff that do not work under their direct supervision, but they are engaged in the operation. They are sent out to look for food as needed and they keep a tab on customers at any given time, both on the customer’s bill and the store’s to keep up with changes in demographics and trends. -Rahu Ketu in Astrology

The top management at McDonald’s, having a good relationship with their staff, understand their people’s needs and get them out of trouble when necessary. When there is an emergency, the restaurant manager is also there to deal with it. They understand how they have each other’s backs and it helps them in doing their jobs. -Rahu Ketu in Astrology

The Astrology of a company is greatly influenced by its top management. That doesn’t mean they hire top management from other companies, they know these people, and know-how to handle the employees that work for them. That is why they are good leaders and they have a clear vision. When you see a company that is making a lot of money or losing money it’s not because they have a poor management structure, it’s because they are making wise decisions based on their Astrology.

Often the people at the top management of a company are what we call “Managers” Directors”. These are the ones who are in charge of hiring, firing, dealing with any type of problem and controlling cash flow. Of course, the top management can hire top management from other companies if they are available but they should also seek an individual who has made a mark in his/her career to run the business that they are running.  -Rahu Ketu

In my experience, I find that the best leaders I have worked with at a company were the ones who could speak the most about the company’s business and their vision. I believe if you don’t have a very positive outlook towards your business that it will go downhill. If your attitude is negative, it’s just the opposite.  –Rahu Ketu 

Those who have top managers and a positive attitude are the ones that I refer to as “Ascended Masters” in Astrology. Ascended Masters is those that have transcended their physical form and are now part of their higher self or their soul. -Rahu Ketu in Astrology


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