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rahu ketu transit effects or Malefic effects on Horoscopes :

Whether the planet of Ketu Benefic or Malefic governs the karma balance in the person or the worldly horoscopes of Ketu or Malefic. It is always in a retrograde movement and usually advantageous if put in ascendant houses in the 1st, 3rd, 6th, 11th and 12th centuries. Rahu Ketu transit

  • Ketu can provide spiritual knowledge of the highest order in fish. Viral diseases and virus regulation in our food or body are in the hands of Ketu. Rahu Ketu transit
  • In general, Ketu is advantageous for persons of Aries (Messa), Cancer (Karka), Scorpio (Vrishik), Sagittarius (Dhanush), and other persons born in an ascending or rising sign.
  • High imaginations, the chance in many businesses, the ability to make money from all sources, philanthropy, simple lifestyles, real Sanyashis (monks), comprehensive knowledge of different fields of science and history. Strong imaginational capacity. Many imaginative results. Rahu Ketu transit
  • Will take advantage of all the anger. We will try to make everyone equal justice and forget the inequality we have suffered. Rahu Ketu transit
  • You can spend a monk’s life in your head, even if your body has the best material comforts. Rahu Ketu transit
  • They are good orators, very charismatic and can influence other people.
  • Mantra and Yoga Siddhi are learned at an early age and are used in the interest of others.
  • Your face will have natural attraction and radiance.
  • Will have the ability to anticipate future events. Rahu Ketu transit
  • He/She can be teachers, authors, astrologers, readers of psychic and tarot cards.
  • They are good at setting up and museums, centres of archaeology, households in old age, spiritual and meditation centres, temples, vaccinations, etc.
  • Most of their lives are for a big cause, and their spiritual aim is to achieve moksha (salvation).
  • They’re going to have few good friends.

Ketu Malefic’s Effects on your Horoscope Experience in multiple subjects should help them research and graduate in order to keep their job secure.

  • They make silly excuses for travel, a lack of their favorite food, expenses, etc, if they get better jobs at a distant place.
  • They have a strange habit of growing beards and mustaches.
  • Bizarre dressing, bad hairstyle, body maltreatment, potato couch are their common characteristics.
  • We should try to show patriotism and fight with those who do not share their views.
  • Will love widows, widows, orphans and do their work at home. Rahu Ketu transit
  • Spouse and children will be appropriately patient with their eccentric behavior.
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