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Saturn transit 2020 Each planet (Sun through Saturn) represents the people in your life, degree-based karaka system. I already discussed the AtmaKaraka as the self-indicator, but the Darakaraka is your spouse’s predictor. Saturn transit 2020

  • Through studying your Darakaraka you get to know a lot about the characteristics of the person you are marrying.
  • Part of the reason I understood when I met my husband is that it suits the characteristics of my DaraKaraka.
  • While Jupiter and Venus are the normal karakas (significator) of a husband and wife, the DaraKaraka is your own.
  • Each man in his wife will want Venus qualities, but his DK will be displaying the other, more individualistic qualities he is after.
  • Similarly, Jupiter stands for the virtues of a good husband (knowledge, compassion, faith, sincerity, etc.) but the DaraKaraka reveals your husband’s unique nature. Saturn transit 2020

The DaraKaraka is the planet in your map that holds the lowest level (Sun through Saturn) out of all planets. When measuring a birth map, each planet next to it has a degree number. Identify which one holds the lowest degree and your DaraKaraka is that one. This should be very simple but please feel free to ask if you have questions. Saturn transit 2020

The house and sign your DK is placed in shows the kind of person your spouse is and part of the fulfilment you get from them. For example, mine is the Moon in the sign of Scorpio, and it’s in the 12th house. My husband is a Cancer (ruled by Moon), but his moon is in Scorpio as well, and his lord Sun and Lagna is in the 12th space. It is possible to apply all kinds of strategies to this world to determine whether they are a source of frustration or more of a help to your life. Saturn transit 2020 

We have to examine the Saturn transit of our birth years and make a note of the favorable, unfavorable, and overall results. The planets that are the home planets for us, such as Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Mars, and even Pluto and Chiron, can bring about many positive results for us in life and career.

As a person we all go through cycles where our minds and energies are imbalanced. The Saturn cycle is a seven-year period when we are in the most stable part of our lives. When we return from this period, we are called back to reality and what we need to change.

People who lived through the 1970s and have children might be faced with challenges, which can be a difficult business period. As children, we were learning about how to cope with uncertainty and change. During this time, the Saturn transit for our birth year may create emotional responses and feelings to certain events, particularly during the Mercury transit, which can send us on the road to having an identity crisis. Saturn transit 2020

People who lived through this period of upheaval are usually older and now looking for answers. By going back to who we are and what we’ve lost we have a more stable place in our lives. During this period, we are often moving toward self-realization and growing our careers. Saturn transit cycles work in harmony with other life events and can sometimes propel us in directions that we didn’t even know we could go. Saturn transit 2020

People who were born around 1990 should learn how to adjust to work and lifestyle changes. During this time we could all benefit from consulting a professional life coach and having them explain to us what they are feeling and exactly what it is that we need to do to balance our life better. Saturn transit 2020

On the other hand, we all need to take some responsibility for our own life. There are so many resources available online that can help us get our life balanced and then in person or online help. Saturn transit 2020

We all need to allow ourselves to get out of our comfort zone and experience something new in our lives. Saturn transit periods also bring about new goals for us, while retaining the familiar places where we are already. Letting go of the old and embracing new is what we need to do.

Strong Saturn signs usually require us to live our lives differently and expand our horizons. This cycle is one of the best for us to expand on who we are and provide new opportunities for personal growth. It can also help us learn how to have a connection with ourselves and others and to grow spiritually. Saturn transit 2020

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