Day by day the importance of Vastu Shastra is increasing day by day Now people are more aware than before nowadays everybody wants happiness and growth in his life so it is an important part to check many people who are having a keen interest into the Vastu Shastra consult the Vastu consultants and astrologer who check and update them about this science.

people who are living overseas are more interested than people living here as this is a and it is connected with the five elements which play an important role in our life so nowadays there is a huge demand of expert astrologers and Vastu consultants worldwide and people are more concerned about the energies in their house to get more benefits vasthu

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tt is said that if the door is appropriate, happiness will be immense. The entrance is considered the most important part of the building. If the entrance during the construction of the building is made according to the rules, it is helpful to invite happiness for all the members of the house and if defects are found in the main door of the house then it will cause mental, economic and social problems in the house.

It also becomes, that is why it is said that in the same house whose door is free of faults, there is an abode of happiness, prosperity and prosperity. vasthu

Apart from this, all the members in the house are happy and there is also coordination among all. According to Vastu, any problem in the house is related to the entrance gate, that is, the effect of which gradually starts to appear on other things.

Special care should be taken in the direction before building the gateway. The main gate of the house should never be kept in the south-west direction. By doing this, the members of the household face many problems. Instead, the entrance of the house should always be towards the northeast or south-east. vasthu

By doing this, there is happiness and prosperity in the house. There should not be any tree, wall or pillar in front of the main gate of the house because any shade has an ominous effect on the house.

The main gate of the house should not be made in the middle of the house. According to Vastu, the houses where the main gate is in the middle, there is economic trouble. The entrance of the house should be made in the very corner.

There should never be stairs in front of the main gate. It is inauspicious to happen. The door of the main gate of the house should always open inwards. Also, there should not be any kind of sound from the door. If there is any sound, get it corrected immediately. Every building should have two entrances. One for the large entrance vehicle and the other for small personal use. vasthu

The way to the inside of the house should be directly connected to the main gate. There is no pit or direct passage in front of the main gate. The open well should not be in front of the main gate. Negative or indecent items, such as a garbage house, a dilapidated building are not in front of the house. There is no pillar of any kind just in front of the main gate.


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