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venus in 12th house In astrology, the planet Venus is considered a female planet. Venus is also considered to be the causative planet of husband-wife, love affair, opulence, bliss etc. If the position of Venus in the horoscope is good, then the person spends his entire life with enjoyment, bliss and opulence. venus in 12th house

A person affected by the planet Venus has a gentle and very beautiful personality. If Venus gives auspicious effect in one’s horoscope then that person is attractive, beautiful and adorable. The native remains happy throughout his life due to the special effects of Venus. Venus gives the native the pleasure of house and vehicle etc. with his influence. In the planets, Venus has jurisdiction over all the pleasures of luxury. venus in 12th house

The brightness and glory of Venus are different and unique from other planets. By worshipping Venus, happiness and opulence can be found by making Venus strong. Women affected by the planet Venus win the competition. There are also some planets that support young women to some extent, but as soon as the planets of other participants get heavier, women with weaker planets start lagging behind. venus in 12th house

Venus in the first house

Venus in the first house of the native’s horoscope makes the native extremely beautiful, longevity, moderate, and popular among opposite sexes. But the wife of the native remains ill. The person will be sensual and will be eager to have sexual relations with any religion, caste or creed. Usually, such a person is very romantic in nature. Generally, the person gets married before starting earning. Such a person becomes a leader of the same age, but leading family members causes problems. Such a person is not interested in religious activities. venus in 12th house

Solution :

1. Do not get married at the age of 25.

2. Always start a new work only with the advice of others.

3. Serve black coloured cow.

4. Take a bath with curd and avoid bonding during the day.

Venus in the second house of the horoscope

Venus sitting in the second house of the horoscope makes the native with wealth. But doing evil or evil of others will prove harmful for the native. Shermukhi house (bigger than the front and lower than the back) will prove disastrous for the native. Business-related to gold and jewellery would be extremely harmful to such natives.venus in 12th house

Soil related business, agriculture and cattle will prove to be very beneficial for such natives. If the native is female then Venus gives the problem of the child, whereas if the person is male, there is an obstacle in the attainment of a son. venus in 12th house

Solution :

1. For the problem of progeny, the native should donate and use things related to Mars such as honey, fennel.

2. Feed two kg potatoes of turmeric to cows.

3. Offer two kilos of cow’s ghee in the temple.

4. Avoid fornication.

Venus in the third house of a horoscope

If Venus is in the third house of the horoscope of the native, then the person is so attractive that all types of women are attracted to him. Everyone generally loves such a native. If the person belongs to another woman, then the native has to flatter his wife. Otherwise, his wife always dominates the native.venus in 12th house

Though the wife of the native will dominate everyone, if the person does not belong to another woman, he will dominate her. The wife of the native will be a courageous, supporter and an ally for the native-like the other bull of the bullock cart. She will protect the native from deceit, theft and harm. venus in 12th house

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