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venus in 7th house

Venus transit is a fantastic celestial phenomenon. Just like any other planet, Venus also means a valuable facet of your life – all your outward pleasures and comforts. Because of this, the transit of Venus brings many exciting changes in one’s life. venus in 7th house

The earth is considered inherently auspicious, and therefore usually provides beneficial results to all people, as long as its location in one’s Kundli is not unfavourable. The planet Venus, as per astrology, is also the guru (mentor) of Shukracharya the demon. Astrological scriptures give Daitya Guru great importance, and if you want happiness in your life, then you need Venus’s grace; Otherwise, you’ll spend your life in destitution. venus in 7th house


Venus, the inherently auspicious planet according to Vedic Astrology, is the signifier and provider of materialistic comforts. It also gives the natives a happy marital life, as well as ensuring for them an improvement in all forms of pleasure. Shukra is considered a feminine world, which is why those born under the influence of Venus are attractive physically and are often attracted to them. If Venus becomes somehow linked to the house of education, then the person becomes smart and competent and is classed among great people of his day. venus in 7th house

According to Venus ‘ friends and enemies, Saturn and Mercury are their good planets, whilst the Sun and Moon are their enemies. Astrologers also suggest wearing diamonds or opals to raise the planet’s positive influence. In addition, bringing the Shukra Yantra or creating it also brings beneficial results for the natives. Trying to serve the cow and respecting women are also activities you do that satisfy the romantic planet in particular. venus in 7th house

Venus Transmission Time in Aquarius 

On Thursday, January 9 at 04:14 am, the source of comfort and joy, Venus will travel from its current position in Capricorn to join the zodiac sign Aquarius, the sign of its friendly planet Saturn. According to Vedic Astrology, the length of the transit of Venus in any sign is crucial because it brings a wave of joy to native life and helps to accomplish many auspicious tasks.

Over the transit period, the effects of this Venus transit will also be apparent on the people of Aquarius. Now let us look at how this transit of Venus in Aquarius impacts the natives of other signs a well: venus in 7th house


During this transit, Aries natives will spend most of their time on entertainment devices. As for this sign’s love life, it will thrive under the influence of the passion significator. The passion will grow between you and your loved one and your bond will improve. BUT, you need to pay special attention to your health. venus in 7th house


During this Venus passage, natives of this sign should not take any debt or loan; otherwise, you’ll face problems with repaying it. Business loans, in particular, should be avoided as this isn’t a good time for the same. Besides that, you should take time out of your busy work schedule to rest; otherwise, your health can decline.


For this transit of Venus, luck will remain inclined towards you and tasks pending before will be completed now. This will not only offer your financial benefits but will pick up the pace for your company as well. There are signs of changes in your job, and you may also shape yogas of a move. You should live your life to the max while also remaining faithful to religious practices. That will improve your social image. venus in 7th house


Overall, your income will have constant ups and downs. This transit may also affect your relationship with your mother; therefore you must pay particular attention to the same. In this duration, you must also remain cautious about your health and keep an eye on your diet too. A function is indicated in the family of your spouse, and you will participate actively and enjoy the occasion.


In Leos ‘ marital lives, the results of the Venus transit will carry a shower of passion. What this means is that the pleasures of your married life will luxuriate you. Every effort you make in your company will result in significant profits and success. Whereas this sign’s work professionals will also advance in their area.


Virgo natives will have to face a turbulent time ahead with Venus becoming posed in your sixth house. There are indications of economic losses as well as an increase in your expenses. The only thing that will take down the path to success is your hard work, so avoid the tendency to rely on others. Your father’s sure to make several profits throughout that time; however, you have to avoid taking credits. venus in 7th house


As for the caring Librans, it’s a good time for your affairs. You’ll want to spend more and more of your time with your loved one, and this time your mood will stay romantic. Librans should properly enjoy the period and give their entertainment devices ample time. At this time you can watch a movie, or go out to party. Librans should properly enjoy the period and give their entertainment devices ample time. venus in 7th house


Over the course of this time, you will remain inclined to attain happiness. Your family life will be much better, and the love between your household members will abound, which will enhance the harmony of your home life. Those living abroad may get an opportunity to return home during this time. Anyone living abroad during this period may get a chance to return home.



Some natives of Sagittarius may improve their hobby and may even take the initiative to do something new in the field of fine arts. You’ll also be investing a portion of your income on interests and family. Nonetheless, at this time resist the temptation to over-spend as well as stay away from any conflicts. Trips during this transit time will get you in touch with somebody new


The planet of love rules over its fifth and tenth houses for the natives of the zodiac sign, Capricorn, and is thus a yoga karaka planet to your sign. With this transit of Venus in Aquarius, it will pose in your second house, which will form the Money Yoga, and you will accumulate wealth successfully. Any good tidings from the hand of your sweetheart will fill both of you with overwhelming happiness.


The zodiac sign of Saturn’s lordship, Aquarius is holding the Venus transit, indicating the planet of divine love will be put in your sign, that is, your first home. Generally speaking, Venus is the Master of your fourth and ninth houses; so, a planet karaka yoga for your hand. Thus, Guru Shukracharya plays a vital role in Aquarian kundalini, and this journey to Venus will also carry several improvements for the natives. venus in 7th house



Venus exercises lordship of her third and eighth house for Pisceans and will join your twelfth house with its transit into Aquarius. This period will add to your expenses. While some of these expenses will be over needless projects, others will be about your individual conveniences. You may also have to spend some money, going in the same direction, on or because of your in-laws.

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