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When will I get married as per astrology is an important question that can affect every aspect of a person’s life. Astrologers say that it is not the day on which you get married but what is in store for you in your marriage life as a whole that really counts the most.

There are several factors which may lead to this difficult situation.

Girl child higher education and career-building is one of the key reasons for the delay in marriage.

Every parent wants to get the best education for their girl child so she won’t face any problems in her future life, so she can be financially independent that

Lots of money and time is needed for getting a good and higher education. Generally, girls get older when they seek higher education and make extra efforts to find out for themselves a suitable and chosen career.

Marriage is a wonderful experience but you should take it easy when you enter into it. There are some people who get so excited at the idea of marriage that they forget about the fact that it is a long term commitment. So if you want to save yourself from any mistakes, you should learn to live with the inevitability of marriage.

It is vital to have a good balance between work and play. Your children should be a primary concern and should have a healthy sex life. A working mother should try to find a way to balance her career with her home life.

When will I get married Her body also needs to be well maintained so that she does not end up going through the psychological stresses of becoming a mother. You should start paying attention to your appearance so that you can look beautiful and presentable to your spouse. Find ways to prepare yourself so that you can let your spouse know about all the things that you love about yourself.

It is best to be ambitious and to be in a position where you can reach a high level of success and credibility. You should also try to stay fit and healthy so that you can give your best to your marriage.

In order to make a successful marriage, a couple needs to have good communication. Therefore, try to communicate with your spouse and try to do this in a way that neither of you feels offended or annoyed.

When will I get married Love and respect are the two most important things that you should have because these are the base for a relationship. You should remember that there is no point in getting married if you cannot have respect and love for each other.

Astrology is a science and it is an undeniable fact that you can say that there is no known scientific evidence to prove that astrology is true. However, a good number of astrologers believe that there is proof that marriage is influenced by the planets and if you know how to use this phenomenon to your advantage then you will definitely succeed in your marriage.

Yes, that’s the most annoying and burning issue for modern Indian society.

When a girl’s career is established, the parents endeavour to find an appropriate match for their daughter.

For a girl of higher educated or advanced status, a higher bridegroom status is desired, of course.

When will I get married Advertisements are given in newspaper or preferred marriage services. Some prospective aspirants are selected and the options list is drawn up. Procedures are carried out for investigating the antecedent of a suitable bridegroom.

All of this is most of the time-consuming. Besides all this, astrological matchmaking is becoming a great headache. The marriage now days involves a lot of steps. If one finds an appropriate match but astrological matchmaking is not up to the mark, then another case has to be considered. In cases where compatibility is perfect for matchmaking, other factors may not match.

When will I get married If the 7th house lord looks at his own home, I.e. the 7th home, the married life is going to be in harmony. If the natural malefic planets look to the 7th house, there will be a delay in marriage. A horoscope should also consider eight houses as the 8th house in the horoscope indicates the longevity of the spouse. If malefic planets are placed in 8th house it should be done with caution to make matches. Jupiter, being a signifier (Karak) for marriage also plays an important role and favours the happiness of marriage during its transit, in particular houses in the horoscope.


According to Indian Astrology Mars plays a very important role within one’s marriage. Really, this is very annoying and big problems for both gender especially girls to get a suitable match this day if we look at a girl’s birth chart, the reason for the delay in marriage can be understood astrologically, the seventh home in a horoscope indicates the bliss of marriage. This house has its own relevance in interpreting the married-life status of an individual.


When will I get married In a girl’s horoscope, Jupiter is the signifier of marriage and husband. So Jupiter ‘s location should also be observed before matchmaking and for a happy married life. To interpret the 7th house, care should be taken of the following issues: Look at the 7th house and the planets set in the 7th house.

When will I get married Saturn has a big part to play in delaying marriage. If Mars is placed in the 1st 4th or 12th room of a horoscope, the native is said to have Kuja Dosha or Mangal Dosha. Mars causes peace and joy in married life inside a horoscope. That too should be interpreted cautiously. Venus also plays a significant role in a boy’s horoscope. The tenth house represents in-laws brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law, and the third house. The location of the planets in the horoscope holding these houses indicates good or poor relationships with the in-laws. Married-life treatments include wearing appropriate gems to improve the seventh-house associated with weak planets.


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